Article Marketing - Top 10 Article Marketing Strategies For Making Money Online

By Dean Shainin Icon

When most marketers use article marketing to promote their products or services, the tendency is usually to make the articles into advertisements, or to continually produce lower quality articles that are not original in content.

These negative tendencies will often get your articles rejected by most publishers online, which is why you will need to take a more effective approach when creating articles for article marketing so you don't waste valuable time.

In this article today, we will go over the 10 top strategies that can help you produce quality articles that will bring your products and services more attention and make you more money online.

  1. If you are creating an article for your products or services, always leave out the name of your product or service in your resource box. Also, if you are wanting to produce a sales letter within the resource box, never put the product or service within the body of your article content. If you put the product or service name in both your resource box and your articles body, then it will come across as being overly promotional. Make certain that you choose either one or the other.
  2. If you put your product or service within the article, make certain that the URLs in your resource box do not include the names of your products or services.
  3. Put your website link into your resource box and not within your article.
  4. Your article should be informative and simply readable for your reader and not a sales pitch for your products and services.
  5. You can offer a review on your product or service, but you must not be biased, so include some negative points in order to make your article more balanced for your readers.
  6. Understand that article marketing is a long term technique designed for driving more traffic to your website because your primary benefits are coming from your SEO. Therefore, it may take a couple of months before search engines register your links, so be patient with the results of your article marketing strategies and keep up with it continually.
  7. Always stay on top of your article marketing during the lifetime of your site by constantly submitting articles every month if you want to optimize your results.
  8. Always compose unique content that is 100% original. If you use or copy existing articles provided by your affiliate company, you can be declined by publishers, so keep your content your own.
  9. Be careful about your word count. It's an important rule of the thumb to keep your articles about 400-700 words long, with the shorter to medium word count always being the better option.
  10. Create your own writing style. In order to make your articles stand out amongst the competition online, you need to develop articles that show that you have a specialized knowledge of your product or service, a unique style, or ideally both.

Article marketing is one of the most effectual strategies to use for optimizing your sales online with affiliate marketing or any type of product and services. If you follow these top ten strategies, you will achieve fantastic results and more success in your marketing efforts.

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