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When article marketing, do you ever find it difficult to write your resource boxes? If you're like me when I started out as an article marketer, then you'll be saying to yourself "Heck, Yes! They're hard!"

Actually, though, they're really not. But a huge percentage, and I mean huge, just don't write optimal resource boxes and they're leaving lots of cash on the table as a result.

I'm going to give you the five easy strategies to get a CTR upwards of 30% for every article you write that I've figured out after months of research and hundreds of articles.

Do you think that would increase your traffic? Well, here goes:

  1. Nobody Cares About You

    The number one worst mistake is making your resource box centered around you! There is one very definite human trait, as sure as the sky is blue: The most important person in the view of your reader is him/herself.

    Consider this: "Paul McCarthy has been doing internet marketing for the past decade and has a web site at..."

    So what?! Nobody cares about my life story or my web site. That kind of resource box will get a CTR of around 3-5% - I know this because I was a Muppet and I used to include a resource box just like that!

    Get into the mind of your viewer and tell them what they want to hear. If they want to know about you, they'll click on your name and see your bio page, you resource box is not a place to force your life story on your reader.

  2. Make It Benefit Driven

    Assuming you've chosen the correct keywords, then you'll know that your readers are looking for a solution to a particular problem - one that you can help them solve.

    So, in the resource box, you need to tell them in no uncertain terms exactly why they will benefit from clicking on your link.

    For instance, compare these two resource boxes:

    • "For advice on how to potty train your child then click here"
    • "If you want to discover how to potty train your child in 3 days or less then you mustn't miss what I have for you here:"

    Ok - so you're a new parent, your child is 20 months old, which link are you going to click on?

    The bottom resource box! Because the benefit of clicking the link (getting the child potty trained in 3 days) is laid out as clear as day and the poor, tired parent wants to solve the problem as quickly as possible!

  3. Curiosity is King - Keep Them Blind!

    Man, this one comes up a lot. The author understands that the resource box should be benefit driven, however he/she also feels the need to tell the readers HOW the benefit can be achieved.

    This is no good because a lot of curiosity is lost.

    For example:

    • "Clear your psoriasis in two weeks by doing a liver cleanse. Click here to learn more:"
    • "Did you know, there's one simple thing you can do to clear your psoriasis in a fortnight."
    • You gain nothing by telling your reader HOW to do something in the resource box. You'll lose click throughs because some people may have had a bad experience with liver cleansing in the past. However, if you keep the curiosity levels high and keep the reader blind, then you have a better chance of convincing those who've had a bad experience with liver cleansing that they should give it another shot on your far more powerful, persuasive and "ungagged" landing page.
  4. Blend the Resource Box with The Body Of The Article

    This technique alone doubled the CTR of my articles right off the bat.

    Make sure the formatting, style of writing and tone of your resource box is consistent with the body of the article so that your readers don't see what you have to say as a blatant pitch.

    There's nothing more damaging to your CTR than finishing the article and adding a disjoint resource box to the end. What a mistake this is!

  5. You're Allowed Two URLs - Use Them!

    The first URL in your resource box should be anchored for the SEO benefit to your landing page and the second URL should be the full path to your page.

    And why the full path? Because many publishers will come to your page and scrape the article without properly taking the full HTML code with the hyperlink code.

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