Why Blog For Your Business?

By Katrina Oakley

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There are many reasons to start a blog for your business. One of the biggest reasons is EXPOSURE! Exposure is so vital! Blogging is an ever evolving tool for business. New features and uses come into the scene every day. There are many possibilities for a blog. With blogging a business can build a relationship with customers and potential customers. A business blog can take many forms, from advertising, to communicating with customers.

A business blog can be set up to communicate with current customers, inviting feed back on a product or service. Start a discussion related to product or service changes to see what customers are interested in, create polls, or include "online only" discounts and offers.

Create a blog page dedicated to customer comments for testimonials and complaints. Potential customers will read these comments. Customers often like to see how the company deals with issues, good and bad. This builds a positive relationship with potential customers.

Another important fact about a blog is the author does not have to be an expert writer. The "language"and terminology is different in any field, internet marketers have their own jargon, car mechanics will have another set of jargon that is understood by mechanical people. The informal format of a blog works well for any business.

A blog is an excellent source for some free advertising. There are even ways to monetize a blog, so the company can make a little money from it as well as get free publicity. There are many sources for blogging, many are free and very easy to setup and maintain.

Kat Oakley
Article Writer
I have been an unemployed Grandma for 2 years. I have devoted my time to caring for 2 of my grandchildren full time and babysitter duties for the other 5 as needed. I am freelance article writing in my spare time and just love it! I was a stay at home mom for most of my children's lives. It would have been great to have this venue to earn a living at while my children were growing up! http://katsf5m.blogspot.com/

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