7 Reasons to Have a "DoFollow" Blog

By Valentin Alecse

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If you're wondering if your blog allow search engines to follow links in comments, I hope this article will help you. Changing the flow of comments in "DoFollow" (to follow) will attract new visitors, build web traffic, build backlinks and much more. But see the 7 main reasons for which you should make the change today...

  1. Accentuate the launch of a new blog

    If your blog is new, it is likely that you want to attract many visitors and thus web traffic. By adding an extension such as CommentLuv, or a DoFollow Link, you will encourage other bloggers to post many comments on your blog in order to earn a return link (backlink). This process will allow you to start an important cycle, because it builds comments that attract more visitors, which may leave more comments.

  2. Rewarding loyalty

    Allowing tracking links in comments encourages reviewers to return regularly to let their opinions. They are rewarded for their loyalty by earning backlinks for each of their comment. These backlinks are not seen by search engines and help your commentators to build quality links to their web sites.

  3. Earning backlinks for your site

    Provide backlinks from your site works equally in your favor. "DoFollow" blogs are very popular and the people who publish such blogs are generally seen as generous people. Before you know it, your blog will be added to other blogs, shared on Twitter, added to "DoFollow" blog directories and more, recovering all good sources of web traffic for it. Agree to follow the links from the comments left on your blog is one of the best ways to grow very fast web traffic to your web site.

  4. Free content

    By encouraging reviewers to express their opinions, share their knowledge and time, you add free content to your blog. You start the conversation and your commentators develop it. They become loyal to the blog and will return often to see the evolution of subjects of concern. Start the conversation now allowing followed comments.

  5. Establish yourself as an expert

    If you will allow tracking of comments on your blog, take the time to write a message to explain your decision and your new policy reviews.Doing so, you'll show to your readers that you know what you are doing. This will prove that you have some knowledges of internet marketing.

  6. Encourage niche content

    While building your blog, you will work for the domination of your niche. Believe it or not, allowing "DoFollow" comments on your blog will help you in this effort. Your visitors are more likely to leave their comments on your blog, where they will receive a backlink, than the other blogs of your competitors where they will not receive. Encourage a high quality content,by allowing backlinks.

  7. The law of numbers

    By combining two or more of these tactics, your work will build on itself. The combination of these techniques will make your blog a powerful generator of backlinks, allowing you to generate free web traffic from worthy sources by investing only your time,without spending a single penny.

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