How to Create a Website -
How to Make a Blog

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Have you been looking for the best way on how to create a website or how to make a blog? Did you know that you can do both by using WordPress? That is right, WordPress!

However, You Must Know the Difference between and Sites: sites are more for fun blogging, not optimizing or monetizing the site for profit. sites require the user to acquire their own domain name and pay for hosting. It is these sites that I am referring to. These are the sites that take the place of normal websites, and they are much easier to optimize and to maintain.

All add-ons to WordPress are called Plugins. Most are FREE and it is these plugins that customize your site.

For Example: one of my WordPress Blog sites has been turned into a Membership Site by using a Paid Plugin.

The simplicity of use is one great advantage of using WordPress for all of your website needs. You no longer need to pay a web designer or web manager to build or maintain your sites. Now you can do it yourself.

Once I learned how to create these sites myself, freeing myself from the grips of a high priced web master and web manager, that is when this business gave me so much more control and became easier for me.

Plus, search engines love WordPress. It is much easier to get your WordPress sites ranked on Google. And, with the exception of paying for a domain name and for web hosting, it is basically a free product.

  • Did you know that there are approximately 17-Million Americans out of work?
  • Did you know that at any given time there are about 750,000 people online looking for work from home opportunities?

The Internet is the New Economy and now many Americans are being awakened to it, simply because they find themselves unemployed and they are looking at every possible opportunity they can find.

However, do not expect to turn on your computer and start making money. It is not that easy. And don't expect to create a website using WordPress and instantly think you will be raking in the big bucks. It does not work that way, but with proper training, a total beginner can now take advantage of the easy ways to make money online.

When you get the proper training, and you follow proven systems that lead you step-by-step towards success, then your dreams of making money at home online can become a reality.

As an example: I know of a teenager, that is right, a 19-year old kid who makes over $120,000 a month working at home online. I know most of you did not really grasp what I just said so I am going to repeat it. He is only 19 and he makes over $120,000 each month.

I know most of you would be tickled pink just to be making $2,500 a month, or maybe $4,000 a month, but the point I am making is that anyone can do this with proper training, even you!

The secret to the internet is driving traffic. This kid says that "once you master the art of driving traffic to your sites, you will NEVER worry about money EVER again". How would you like to NEVER worry about money EVER again?

He, and most of the successful internet marketers online build all their sites using WordPress. It is by far the best, the easiest, and the cheapest (almost FREE) product to use, even for the very beginner. And like I said, search engines love WordPress.

So if you have been searching for the best possible ways on how to create a website or how to create a blog, look no further, you can do both using WordPress.

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