Build Business Website - A Simple Checklist to Go Through Before
You Start

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Before you begin creating your website, it's important to understand clearly, what you want to accomplish. This checklist will help you with that. As always, preparation is the key. You might not need to use all. Just use what works for you.

The main information to prepare

  • Blog/website title - a short but compelling word or phrase that conveys the purpose of your website. The title should definitely focus on your main keyword(s).
  • Blog/web tag line - a sub-header to the title, where you can add more information to appeal to the reader. Again, use your main keyword phrases or related keywords.
  • Blog/web keywords - identify up to 3 main keywords for your blog.
  • Your primary e-mail address - it's a good idea to reserve an extra email address, specifically for your website administration (GMail is recommended). You will need this email address to administer your blog. And when you outsource the web site maintenance, you can give this address and password to your outsourcers or staff members without hesitation.
  • Blog categories - If you plan to create a blog, categories will help you to keep your blog posts organized and easily searchable. Be sure to identify category names that are also good keywords for your market.

Web site structure

The purpose of the business website is usually to get a sale or a lead, or build your brand. The website structure should reflect that. Here are the structures you can use.

  • Classic website - A business website with (relatively) static pages like Home, Contact Us, Products etc.
  • Blog - A website with changing home page. Every new blog post appears on top of the home page.
  • Squeeze page (or opt-in page) - A single-purpose page to get a sale or a lead. Used for lead generation, or as a landing page for Google AdWords.

Combinations - you can always combine the above basic structures:

  • Classic website with a blog (blogsite)
  • Classic website with squeeze page(s)
  • Classic website with a blog and squeeze page(s)
  • Blog and squeeze page(s)

Access data checklist

Your access data checklist will help you keep track of the information you will need in order to effectively manage your business website. Your staff or outsourcers will also need this information to manage the website for you.

  • Your hosting company cPanel (or other) login URL, name and password
  • Your website FTP address, name and password
  • Admin login address, name and password if you are using systems like Wordpress
  • Dedicated email address (as mentioned above) name and password
  • Any other services you use on your website. E.g. Yahoo ID, Google Analytics access codes (use Gmail account above), Web 2.0 login data (Twitter ID and password, Facebook,...)

Your access data checklist may look like this:

  • Hosting - URL: < yourhostingprovider url >;
  • Username: hostingusername
  • Password: hostingpassword
  • FTP - URL: < your hosting FTP url >
  • Username: ftpusername
  • Password: ftppassword
  • WordPress Blog - URL: < yourdomain url / wp-admin >
  • Username: admin
  • Password: blogpassword
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Email Username: admin
  • Email Password: blogpassword

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