Expected Cost to Set Up a Website

By Norm Pavelka

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One of the first concerns when creating a website is what the project will cost. Depending on what your expectations are for the site, the cost will vary from minimal to quite substantial. There are only two unavoidable costs when building a website, but for other items there is a choice between paying for services and software or sourcing them free from the internet.

There is a procedure for creating a website and once this is broken down into its component parts you will see that is not too difficult if you are prepared to learn some new skills and be persistent.

No.1. The Domain Name. Your site will require a title or domain name which is unique in order to identify it from all the millions of sites on the internet. Your first choice of name is quite likely already in use. In that case you will look for variations of your chosen name. It may require only that you make a small alteration such as exchanging '4' for 'for'. The domain name is the first cost and will be purchased from a Registrar. GoDaddy.com is a popular one and provides a good service. This is the first cost and will be just under $11 for a.com site. You will be offered various additional items, but for a start ignore these and keep it simple

No.2. Domain Hosting. All domains require to be hosted by a hosting company. This company connects your computer to the World Wide Web and it is where you will store the files relating to the website. Some registrars; GoDaddy is one, will also host your domain, but more often a separate host will be chosen. Hostgator.com is a reliable host company. You may be fortunate to have joined a membership site which provides free hosting and this would in effect provide you with a discount off your membership fee. The fee for hosting varies according to the capacity and bandwidth you require for your site. The smallest site will cost around $5 per month while a corporate site will cost probably $25 per month. Some host companies require the hosting fee to be paid a year in advance, so it could be worth shopping around.

No.3. The Web Editor. To create the pages of your website you will need a web editor. This is a piece of software which converts your plain text to computer language in order to build the web pages. You will also use it to format the pages and to add colour to your site. There are hundreds available on the internet; some you pay for, others are free. Some are priced up to $100, but a good free one is Kompozer; quite adequate for your first website, and even advanced marketers use it.

No.4. Website Templates. A template is not strictly necessary for building a website, but can save considerable time and for the beginner save struggling with the design and layout. Again there are templates which you can buy or there are many free ones available on the internet.

So you can see the expected cost to set up a website could be less than $20, a very minimal amount to get started in internet marketing. You can begin building a Web business bringing you a passive income for years to come.

Norm Pavelka

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