Copywriting Secrets - Three Hot Tips to Writing Web Copy that Sells

By Angela Booth Icon

Copywriting is promotional writing, finding triggers which prod people to buy, so thinking about why people buy what they do is vital if you want to write Web copy that sells.

A famous copywriter once said that behind every purchase there's pain, because even when we buy something for pleasure, it's to avoid pain.

Keeping this in mind, let's look at three hot tips:

  1. Ask the magic word - WHY
    • Great sales people have the ability to read people - to instantly know why a car buyer will buy a particular model of car. Or how to sell a woman a wedding dress that's worth more than she earns in three months.
    • When you're writing copy, although there's no one standing in front of you, you must ask yourself WHY a buyer would buy the product or service for which you're writing copy.
    • The more reasons you can discover, the better your copy will be. So ask yourself WHY before you start writing.
  2. A great offer leads to great copy and great sales
    • Copywriting for the Web is a challenge. A potential customer just needs to click once to leave the Web page you're writing: you have seconds to convince him to stay and read on.
    • Here's what convinces a Web surfer to stay: your offer. Make the reader an offer that's too good to refuse.
    • Your copywriting clients are often blind to the worth of their offer. If you feel that the offer you're making is not good enough, it's essential that you encourage your client to improve the offer.
    • No matter how well you write, if the offer is lacking sales will be lacking too.
  3. Credibility sells - offer proof
    • You know why people will buy the product for which you're writing copy, and you've got a great offer. However, without credibility, sales will be slow.
    • Think about all the online scams you've heard of - your copy's readers are wary of committing to a purchase online. At the back of your reader's mind is the thought: "Can I trust you?"
    • There are many ways you can engender trust: you can present testimonials and a guarantee, for example.

So there you have three tips which will help you to write great copy which sells: the foundation of your copywriting career.

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