Web Page Content - How to Write Copy That Converts Visitors Into Buyers

By Herman Drost

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Your home page is the most important page of your website because it's what visitors see first. It may be the first contact a visitor has with your business so you should provide a good impression. Besides having a beautiful design that uniquely reflects your business most visitors come to your website to seek information or purchase products. But what type of content should you place on your web page? How should it be structured for easy reading? How do you write web copy that converts visitors into buyers?

  1. What type of content should you place on your web page?

    Types of content include text, audio, video and images. Some websites use a combination of types to appeal to a diverse audience as some visitors prefer to watch and listen rather than just reading the text. Most websites use textual content because search engines can spider it plus visitors will scan web pages for information.

  2. How should your content be structured for easy reading?

    Computer users tend to scan online content because they are often in a hurry and/or it's harder to read text online than in print. Structure your content by using graphics, headlines, sub headlines, bullets and plenty of white space.

    Your home page structure is similar to the front page of a newspaper. It begins with a large headline at the top, followed by headlines containing short paragraphs of lead articles. To read the full article you need to visit the internal pages.

    Home page design usually starts with a header graphic containing the title or brief description of your business. This captures your reader's attention. It may be accompanied with your logo graphic to help brand your business in the minds of your visitors. Only use graphics that add or enhance your content.

  3. How to write web copy that converts visitors into buyers?
    • Create a top headline that summarizes the purpose of your website in a few words.
    • The first paragraph should expand upon the headline's purpose so people don't get confused when first reading the home page content.
    • Use the next few paragraphs to describe the top benefits of your business e.g. why people should select your company for doing business and what makes it stand out from similar companies e.g. great customer service, personal attention, affordable prices.
    • Use bullets throughout your web copy to break up your paragraphs.
    • Don't try to convey too much information on the home page. Use your navigation menu or links within your text (internal links) to direct visitors to the rest of the content.

    Three ways to convert visitors into subscribers or buyers.

    • Opt-in form: Create an opt-in subscriber form to build a list of customers. Build long term relationships with them by providing lots of new content and alerting them about new products and services.
    • Autoresponder: This can be used to send out a series of sequential messages for an ecourse, online classes or reports. An autoresponder enables content to be sent out periodically on autopilot. For instance create 365 messages so they are sent automatically every day for a year.
    • Video: This is a powerful content medium because it captures people's attention using sight and sound. Create a 2 minute video with music describing the benefits of your services or products.

After creating the content for your web page ask for feedback from others. They may have another perspective that is closer to your visitor's viewpoint. To improve your web page conversions test different headlines, web copy and graphics.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) owner and author of http://www.iSiteBuild.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Herman_Drost

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