Write Web Copy That Sells - Three Powerful Strategies

By Cynthia Jenning

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If you want to write web copy that sells, the first thing to understand is that your copy is your face to face salesman. The Internet has created a giant market place where people are looking to find solutions to their problems and the web copy is the sales force. If you approach copy writing from that perspective you are going to sell products.

Hi, my name is Cynthia and I have spent the last 4 years writing copy for websites. I have found that by sticking with the basic principles of selling, my copy has been very successful. I would like to share with you some of the techniques that have consistently worked for me.

Too many of the websites or sales pages have been created by graphic artists, or company directors who have wanted to talk about their businesses. They are focused on features and clever design. They have not been written by sales people. All good salespeople know the steps you must take to sell. Writing web copy is no different.

  1. Before any one will buy, they need to TRUST you. That is the first part of selling. To create trust online is even more important. Standing inside a brick and mortar business gives most people the confidence to buy. Buying online is totally new to many people; this is why Amazon will get the sales ahead of a small business even if Amazon charges more, because people trust them. To get that trust include a photo of yourself. Tell people your story, get up close and personal, this will help create an empathy with your reader. Videos are a good way to establish credibility. You can include a short introductory video at the start of your sales page and then go into your written copy. This seems to work very well.
  2. Include plenty of benefits; explain clearly how your product is going to solve his problem, faster, cheaper, easier etc. Give your reader a reason to keep reading. Everyone is being challenged to buy something nearly every minute of the day. Think about the TV ads, billboards and signs everywhere, this means we are constantly blocking out information so they need a reason to stay on your page. Give him those reasons and he will stay.
  3. If you have been watching TV infomercials you will have noticed that they always offer some form of bonuses. If you want web copy that sells use the same technique. Include a bonus if they buy now. This bonus can come in any form, and will work in any niche. It is very easy for you to create a simple free report giving tips about your niche.

Using these techniques is going to sky rocket your sales and put more money in your pocket. To take your copy writing skills to an even higher level the website below is an excellent site to visit.

For effective ways to improve your copywriting check out these advanced copywriting strategies.

Discover how you can become an advanced copywriter even if you have never written a letter before.

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