Write Effective Web Copy With
These 7 Steps

By Kent Tan

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  1. Always use the inverted pyramid structure

    Put the most important piece of information right in the first paragraph, so that your readers will quickly grasp what the whole page is about. If you fail to capture your readers in your first paragraph, they are probably not going to read until the end of the page.

  2. Grab your readers' attention with headlines

    Headlines and subheads need to stand out from your entire web copy, grab your readers attention and make them feel "this page is actually worth reading". You can also try to make your headline stand out by using a different font, color or size.

  3. Write strong leading sentences

    The first sentence of every paragraph needs to lead the reader into reading the next line. These sentences need to hook your readers with the benefits, and let them know what is in it for them if they read the entire paragraph or entire page.

  4. Stay above the fold

    Many websites make the mistake of putting a large banner and logo right at the top of the page, effectively taking up the most important virtual real estate of your page. Studies show that less than 50 percent of visitors actually bother to scroll the page, so keep all your important information right at the top.

  5. Write in the first person perspective

    Write as if you are speaking to your reader face to face. Use the words "you" or "your" explicitly as you are addressing the reader, and feel free to use active verbs like "buy", "invest", or "sign up". This not only helps you to engage the reader better, but also forces you to put focus on communicating the benefits of your product or service clearly to the reader.

  6. Use bullets

    Instead of letting your reader read a long paragraph, help them digest your copy easier by giving them a summary in point form. This is a great way to reinforce all your benefits.

  7. Keep it short

    They say good web copy is like a lady's skirt. It must be long enough to cover the essential elements, but short enough to be interesting. State your benefits clearly, include your call to action prominently and end your copy. Don't beat around the bush and go round in circles - this will only cause confusion.

Kent Tan is a full time article writer and web content publisher. Check out his latest website about Holiday Shower Curtain reviews and Spongebob Shower Curtain designs.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kent_Tan

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