What Does a Web Copywriter Do?

By Lambert Klein

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Many businesses today are sprouting in the Web, and the call for copywriters are booming.

Web copywriting is very much different from doing a copy for audio-visual media or print. The main job of Web copywriters is to write sales pages for the websites, instead of instructive pages. In web pages the information is precisely the "content", instead of a copy.

So what does a Web copywriter write about?

A copywriter writes every text that has to do with marketing, advertising, and other sales related materials. This text can have a PPC advertising, PPC landing pages, auto-responder copy, straight Web sales pages, and a lot more. If the objective of the page is about sales, then it's a work for a Web copywriter.

Given are four guidelines that can help you in making a copy for the Web:

  1. Always consider the Web site's guests, write specifically for them.

    Once you create a page for the Web, you are particularly writing for people, and thinking about the search engines too. You should create pages with keywords. Keyword, are the words that a person type into any search engines' search boxes in order for them find what they like online.

    If you have not made any keyword search yet, then that will be your first move, before you start to write a Web copy.

    However, it should not be forgotten that you have to write for the audience, instead of the search engines. Stay away from Web spam, this in not only inefficient, since your copy will not translate, but it's also possible to have your site removed and barred from the search engines' results.

  2. But there are also times that you should write for the search engines to start with.

    In rare occasion you must write copy that is specifically for the search engines first and the next for the people. For instance, if you will be writing a catalog copy, begin with the keywords, typically this could be the model name with the number, or can be a brand name since these are the words that will make the catalog page be located.

    When you were able to integrate those important numbers and words, you can now proceed with writing the copy.

  3. Keep in mind that the page titles and descriptions are essential

    Even though Web copywriters normally do not code pages, you have to supply two vital things to the individual who build up the page that you are writing, one is the page title, and the second is the page description.

  4. Make sure to create a Web copy that is easy to comprehend

    Nobody reads on the Website. Everybody just skim through, gliding their eyes swiftly up, down and across the pages, searching for details.

    Also, add many sub headers and bullet points, this can keep the page more readable, your aim is to keep your guests interests up so he will be encourage to read the page down to its littlest detail.

    Videos and audios can also be added to the page provided that they are not the repeat of what you have already written on the page.

Finally, as a Web copywriter, you have to take on the copywriter's formula, for writing great sales copy, which is AIDA, meaning- Attract or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

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