Website Promotion - How to Promote Your Website With Blog Comments

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Do you wish your website would get more visitors? You can make that happen. Read on to discover how you can get more visitors by using blog comments.

Visitors are the life blood of your website - and the reason for its existence. So why does it sometimes seem so hard to make them appear? Let me introduce you to a strategy that will get you visitors fairly quickly: blog commenting.

A) How does Blog commenting work?

  1. If you find blogs with high page rank that also give you valid back links, your own site will rise in the search engines, which will make it easier to find. The result - more visitors.

    But there are other reasons why blog commenting is helpful:

  2. You make friends with blog owners, and you might be able to work out joint ventures.

    However, here's a third reason:

  3. People who read those comments come across yours, and if it seems interesting enough, they'll check out your website.

B) Finding Blogs to Comment on: If you would like to get started with blog commenting, you'll need to find the right kind of blogs, of course. Here's how you can find them.

  1. Google

    Google your niche and "blog." Go down the list, find interesting blog posts to comment on, and, well, write an interesting comment that really responds to the article.

    Wash, rinse, repeat. Make a note of the best blogs and return regularly to comment on new posts.

  2. Google alerts

    Go to Google alerts, and set up a Google alert for some of your main keywords. Then check them out when they arrive in your inbox, and be sure to check out especially the blogs.

    Once you find blogs that are relevant to your niche, go there and comment on articles you find relevant.

  3. Visit your friends

    I'm sure you have pals who are in the same or related niches. Visit them. Invite them over. And comment on their own blogs. Encourage them to visit your blog.

C) How to do the comments?

Once you've found blogs to comment on, here's how you do it.

Read the post carefully. Think about what you want to say. Then make an insightful response on that post.

You'll also have to give your name and email address, and also your website or blog.

While giving them your website is optional, be sure to use it - always. After all, remember the point of this exercise? To get more people to visit your website (or blog). So when you give them your website address, people can click on your link and find out how to get in touch with you.

How long should the comments be? Don't go on forever, but for effective website promotion, do write more than "interesting post." Also, avoid more than one link, MAX!

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