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When you develop a product and introduce it to the mass market, you need to give it a name to create its awareness in the mass market. That is basically called branding. These days branding is a huge business, companies specifically use a large amount of budget to establish and encourage their brands. Brands associate a product and its user to the company of that product.

While marketing online you should give significant importance to create your brand awareness. For that an important tool to use is the email signature. This would make it easy for the readers to identify you and associate you with a particular type of product or a service.

What exactly is an email signature?

It is basically a short phrase or a statement which is to be included at the end of all your articles, emails, posts and threads. It should ideally include your personal information. Your name, your company, the title of your blog, its address and other important information required to contact you.

Is it equivalent to a business card?

Its sole purpose is to give your precise information to your readers, so that they can easily get in touch with you at any time. They can also find their way to your blog through these email signatures. The most interesting thing is that it is very easy to set it up and you can have its unlimited use without even spending any amount of money.

How important is an email signature?

You might have seen that when you receive emails or visit to other`s blogs at the bottom of every post they include an email signature. With that you are easily able to identify their URL and can visit their blog.

This increases their awareness at large and hence their traffic as well. It is easy to use by the readers, they can visit your blog with a single click.

Writing a good and effective email signature for your blog

Small but affective steps need to be taken for the promotion of your blog. One of those important steps is to create an email signature. Below are some tips explained to you to make an effective email signature and hence to create a large traffic for your blog.

Check the email application program you are using

These days, most of the email application programs include a tool which allows you to set up and personalize your own personal email signature. This tool automatically adds the email signature to each and every outgoing email.

To find this tool, browse through your email application program. In programs like Windows Live Mail or Outlook, it is a matter to few clicks to make up your own personalized email signature. You can also avail the option of the email signature editor to change your email signature or to send to some specific email addresses.

Include carefully chosen keywords

The keywords you choose should be related to the subject of your blog. This would enhance the relevance of your link and would promote your blog as well.

Keep it short but informative

The email signature for its purpose to work should be kept short simple and precise. All you need to include in it is your contact information, title of your blog and it's URL. You have the option to even edit it if it is not working. But the best thing is to stick to one so that it becomes most recognizable.

The links should also be kept minimal. Readers often tend to avoid using multiple links so therefore you need to include just a few, like one or two. The best way is to use the link to the blog where the required information is kept.

Be prepared to be flexible

While submitting your blog entries you should check whether they include any submission guidelines to which you need to comply with. Usually the directories prefer plain text formatting and some other specific rules regarding length and structure of your posts. As you have to strictly follow the rules you should be flexible in writing the email signatures. Use different templates as required. This would definitely increase the relevance of your link and would promote your blog.

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