What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization) A Beginners Guide
and Tips

By Nicholas Squires

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Within the next few paragraphs I want to lay bare a few details about SEO that will be of benefit to the online new guy. There is not going to be too much jargon but rather more plain English that a beginners guide and tips should contain.

At the end of the article you will have a basic understanding of SEO that you can start using today.

So What Is Search Engine Optimization

This quite simply is strategies and ideas that you use to boost your website, blog etc to a more higher profile on the internet.

There are certain rules and guidelines that SE ( Search Engines) have in place to determine where your website etc should be placed in the rankings on the internet.

S.E such as Google, Yahoo, Bing all have these criterias that should be met if you ever want to have a great position in the rankings. And having a great ranking is what its all about. The higher you are then the more people will see your site when they type in a query in the search box.

Now its not the be all and end all to have a high ranking, there are lots of other ways to be visible on the net such as Pay Per Click which will get you a great ranking if your prepared to pay for it but that's another story.

No, your long term goal should really be to get as much visibility as you can for your website through what is commonly known as the Organic listings and to do this you need to use at least some SEO.

What Are These Criteria

Good question and a question that nobody truly knows the answer to or at least does not know the exact formula to employ for perfect SEO.

Take Google for example. They use what is known as Algorithms to determine the rank of your site. Some say these are incredibly technical and others say its very basic but one thing we do know for sure is that Google every now and then will change the way it works. Meaning what SEO works today might not be as important tomorrow.

If you do a search on the net for best SEO you will be overwhelmed with all sorts of advice that often contradicts each other in a language that makes no sense to the novice.

What Do You Recommend Then?

Without going into a detailed analysis of what you should be doing I have instead outlined a few steps you should be taking to keep the likes of Google and Yahoo happy. They are certainly not the only ones but for a beginner they are great to start with and they will give great results too.

  1. If you were to do one thing and one thing only then concentrate on your content. Make the content of your website or blog or article etc to be highly valuable to the customer or reader.

    You see S.E want to give there customers, the people doing the search, the best time possible and showing them great content that matches their search query is how they do it.

    So concentrate on this as your number 1 priority

  2. Keep what ever your doing to a fairly tight theme. If your blog is about gardening then keep all content to gardening. If your website relates to financial markets then stick to this. A site that offers too much diversity is one that the S.E will have difficulty in deciding where to put it.

  3. Keywords - Choose some words that will be mentioned more than others within your content. These words known as keywords will be the common thread throughout your site.

    If you have a site with a theme around motor racing then a good keywords might be Formula 1, Michael Shumacher, Ferrari etc. When you use specific keywords and they are predominant within your site then its easy for people to find you when they do a search and easier for SE to recommend you.

    This really all goes back to you keeping a tight theme, one where the user and the search engine can quickly decide what it is all about. When you have this then you have something the S.E are happy to promote for you.

  4. Links - You will always hear people talk about getting great links. Links are basically when someone places your website address on their site. This says to the SE that for someone to do this must mean that your site is worth looking at otherwise why would that person put a link on their site if yours was rubbish. Now you can place links on your own site leading to others but make sure there of a decent quality, that is the site they lead to is a good one. And try not too have links linking back to you that come from poor sites all of this will just harm your ranking rather than improving it.

That's It For Now

What information you have here is sufficient to be making use of especially when just starting out. Of course I have not gone into the exact details, this article is just to outline some ideas but it should be enough for you to make large improvements to your page ranking just be patient and persistent.

For more advice on SEO visit http://nick-squires.com or if your looking for help building your business online then visit http://bizz-help.info

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nicholas_Squires

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