How to Write Effective Solo Ads

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Ever heard how solo ads can be the most effective means to advertise? Ask the individual marketers and they will tell you that solo ads can indeed bring you big income. Solo ads really work. But that is if you know how to write and use them to your advantage.

Unlike other marketers that have learned how effectively write solo ads the hard way, you now have the chance of learning how to write these ads to make them work effectively for you and your business.

Below are the tips on writing effective solo ads that brings great results. Read on.

  1. Make an eye-catching and attention-grabbing headline.

    Your headline should instantly get the attention of your readers. It is very important to include your headline in a subject line of solo ad. Readers are already immune to such headlines as "check this out" or anything that sound too boring to even try to open it. Try to add some subject line that is sure to stop them heading off and pique their curiosity enough to read through.

    Use your creativity to come up with something that will surely catch their attention. Give them a good reason to read your email.

  2. Your ad should read easily.

    According to experts, readers do not initially read what they see. They just scan them first. This may be because they do not have the time to take in what is written. So make it your goal to make it easy for them to scan your ad. In the process of scanning, give them a reason to read more.

    Do not use long sentences or paragraphs. The shorter they are, the better. User simple words as well. Take note that sub headlines and bullets work greatly. Most of the time, these are just what the people read.

  3. Your ads should not sell your readers anything.

    You read it right. Try not to sell anything using your ad. The main purpose of your solo ad is to create a lead and entice potential customers to buy from you later on. It is better to get more prospects ready to buy from you than generating 3 or 4 sales.

    You can offer free reports, free trials or free ebooks. Give something that will be valuable to your customers. Then you can generate a list of prospects. Build a good rapport with them so you can suggest your product or service. You will be surprised at the conversion rate you will achieve once you have done these things successfully.

  4. Carefully select the ezine or newsletter you will advertise your solo ads to.

    How big or how small the ezine is does not matter. It is a fact that smaller ones can generate better results compared with the bigger ones because they have a large base of subscribers. It is also true that those with smaller lists tend to be more responsive than the larger lists.

    Before you publish into the ezine or newsletter, read some of their copies first. Get to know if they give their readers quality contents. Put yourself in the customers' shoes and decide if you will want to subscribe in one of them. Putting your solo ads in poor quality newsletters or ezines is a total waste of time, effort and money. You will not get your ads read in the process.

  5. Your solo ads should show the benefits you could give your readers.

    Readers do not rush off to get your free offers. You need to sell them effectively first before people will come running to get one. Tell your readers how they will benefit what from what you are offering.

    List down the benefits. Then use powerful words to advertise them. You can also offer more details about them.

  6. Make everything urgent.

    Tell your readers that they need to act now for tomorrow may be too late. A sense of urgency always has people scrambling to their feet. Set up a time limit until your offer expires. Some people are not easily convinced of this method though. That is why you have them a very good reason why they should act now. Creating a sense of lose always works successfully.

Now that you know how to create and write an effective solo ad, all that is needed to be done is put them into practice.

Elijah Chai
Managing Director
Success Engineers LLP

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