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In this article on Online Marketing I will provide guidance on keyword tools, how to narrow your niche, how to develop effective web marketing pages, web sales and squeeze page tips, and web measurement and tracking.

  1. Keyword Tool

    Go to and utilize their keyword tool to determine what search words and phrases are most popular for your products and services. This is a great tool to narrow down the effective Keywords to use to develop Relevant Content on your websites for the products and services you offer. Using popular keywords to guide your web content, relevant to your specific line of business and expertise, will drive "free" natural Search Engine traffic to your site.

  2. Narrow Your Niche

    The narrower your niche, the narrower and more specific your marketing and web content, the more profitable you will be online. Become an expert in a certain area, develop content on your website that is resource based and relevant to your expertise, and develop specific key words to drive traffic to your site. To get an idea what people are buying on the Internet, go to ClickBank. Also be sure to research your competitors on the web.

  3. Effective Marketing Web Pages

    • Squeeze Page: This is a single request Opt-In webpage that directs the web visitor to Action: Opt-In for a Resource Article or Newsletter or Email List, Make a Purchase, or Get More Product or Service Info. This is an excellent page for visitors who have been pre-qualified via an On-Line Marketing forum. A great page to offer a Free Newsletter, Tips, Article, etc to establish credibility.
    • Sales Page: Compelling headlines and delineated benefit points that stress your Product or Service's value and asks the visitor to Act. Usually a building block process works the best, guiding the visitor to a sale in a serried of steps.
    • Blog: Write 3-4 blog posts a week about your area of industry and expertise, giving away free advice and information. Many blogs offer areas where visitors can provide feedback. I recommend you read the feedback prior to posting and be sure to respond to all Blog Feedback. A Blog is a fantastic way to dramatically increase targeted traffic to your website, stay in touch with your customers, and generate the viral marketing affect.
    • Membership Web Page: Put your site's best, most valuable, exclusive content on a membership site and charge for monthly membership. A membership website has hard to come by experienced-based information, and the member site creates a community of similar goal driven individuals who can communicate through forums and find common solutions.
    • Online Brochure: Describe your Products and Services, offer the Benefits and Value of them and ask the visitor to take Action. Action could be a Sales Page that asks for the Sale or an Opt-In for a Free Informational Article (Squeeze Page).
  4. Sales Page Tips

    Some important elements to consider when developing your Sales Pages:

    • Define one Urgent Customer Problem per sales page.
    • Headline states the Problem in a Few Words with your Most Significant Benefit juxtaposed. For example: Are you currently losing Customers? Learn about our System to retain & increase your Customer Base, even in a Recession!
    • Reaffirm the Problem. Build Empathy.
    • Provide Solutions
    • Handle Common Objectives: i.e. experience, expertise, testimonials, articles, books, industry experts, data; confidentiality, privacy & security policies; after the sale support (this is crucial!).
    • Organized with Bullet Points: Stick with Benefits, not the features.
    • Low Risk / Irresistibility Factor: Take as much risk out of your offer as possible with freebees, discounts, add-ons, but don't give it away. Think about Guarantees, Warranties & Return Policies.
    • Build Value: Then cost really becomes a less than or non-issue.
    • Ask for Action! Ask for the sale and direct the customer to the next step. Give an incentive to act now.
    • Recap Benefits: Give them an alternative if they choose not to act and be sure to ask why.
  5. Squeeze Page Tips

    Use your Squeeze Page with the Sales Page. An Opt-In (or choices) on the Squeeze Page leads to a specially designed Sales Page for that specific Opt-In. Some Squeeze Page tactics and components to consider:

    • Increase Customer Conversion Percentage: Free Guide or Article; Free Consultation; Free Assessment; Free Newsletter; 30 Day Trial of Product or Member Site, etc.
    • Use the Opt-In Information Gained: You can build a great database of customers that want to be marketed to by asking for their email address. Use the database for other Product Offers if they don't purchase; to ask why they didn't purchase; to introduce new products and services; to provide alerts, discounts and specials; to ask for referrals; to offer affiliate programs; to get repeat business- the opportunities to Opt-In are endless!
    • Conversion Tips: Position your Opt-In Box at the top; use interactive strategies (i.e. questions, survey); bundle and add options to offers; follow-up; set expectations you can deliver on; provide an option when a customer clicks out of the site.
    • Progression Model with Option to Buy: I like this type of Squeeze Page Strategy. Give a customer the opportunity to go at his or her own speed and purchase easily anytime in that process. The tactic is to allow the customer to progress one page or step at a time to find a comfort level and then having the option to buy at anytime in the sales process. You can offer a certain sales level as a customer ascends through the Process and moves through your ascending in price offers and packages.
    • Design a Qualifying Progression Model: Separate "Browsers, Opt-Ins and Buyers" into different Strategic Target Groups with customized tactics for each group. Basically, divide and conquer!
  6. Measurement

    • Tracking your web visitor traffic flow is absolutely vital so you can effectively and strategically increase your conversions and change strategies on the fly when a model isn't working.
    • Tracking also helps you to determine very quickly what Sales Page and Squeeze Page combinations work best. Basically, track your visitors so you can increase conversions, as well as, profitability per customer. Define your Visitors Value so you can predictably project what it will cost you to acquire a new customer for each Sales Level. A great Free Measurement Tool is Google Analytics.

Frank Goley is a business consultant and business coach, and he works for ABC Business Consulting. He is an expert in developing, writing and implementing business plans, business funding plans, marketing plans, strategic plans and business turnaround plans. Frank is author of The Comprehensive Business Plan Workbook - A Step by Step Guide to Effective Business Planning, and he writes the Business Success Strategies Blog.

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