How To Write Effective Google
AdWords Ads

By Theo McLanahan Icon

There are some insider secrets to using Google AdWords that can make a huge difference in your ROI - they may even make the difference between being profitable and losing money.

  1. The first thing you need to do is ensure you're targeting the right audience with your ads. Make your ads as exclusive as possible, including the language they're written in (it should be the same one your target audience speaks).

  2. Another step to take is to really make sure that your keyword selection is as refined as possible. A trick to this is placing [brackets] around your keywords. When you do this, your ad will only come up on sites when the visitor has typed in the precise keyword search phrase that you have placed within those brackets.

    If the searcher types in a phrase that includes your keyword, but also other words, your ad won't show. You can use this technique to lower your costs by avoiding untargeted traffic.

  3. When you are doing advertisement testing, test many ads at the same time, thereby performing a 'split test'. You are finding out which one of your ads is giving you the greatest clickthrough percentage or number of instances. Once you have it pegged, you replace the other ads that you pitted it against with ones that are more like your best producer.

  4. Once you get your clickthrough working well, you also need to ensure you're tracking your ROI (Return On Investment) for each ad. AdWords doesn't do this for you, but you can integrate it with Google Analytics, which will.

    With Analytics, you can track conversions from specific ads in AdWords and see which ones make you the most money, not just which ones are getting clicked.

  5. Always include your keywords and search phrases in your title and your ad description. Google highlights these for you as your ad appears on a webpage, helping your ads to be more attractive to your targeted audience.

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