Writing Ad Copy That Sells And Converts Your PPC Ads Like Crazy - The 3 Critical Components

By Bobby Bowman

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Any time you are setting up a paid advertising campaign you are going to need to have effective ad copy that sells. This can take a lot of testing and tweaking until your ad gets to the conversion rates that you need to turn a profit from the advertising. Knowing how to write effective ad copy that sells and converts your visitors into customers is a skill that is learned over time. To some it comes naturally and others it can be an expensive trade to master.

Some of the components that you should consider are:

  1. Call To Action Phrases

    I'm sure you already know the importance of the call to action but it is surprising the amount of ads that are out there that don't clearly state the action required when the visitor reaches the destination site. Don't let yours be one of them.

    Let your visitors know exactly what action to take if they decide to click through on your ad. If you only require a sign up for access to your information tell your prospects what they will get when they SIGN UP!

  2. A WOW! Component

    Creating ads that are unique can be very tricky. Especially if you use competition spy techniques. You need to make your ad better than the others out there to get yours noticed and make it stand out. Negative keywords like STOP, CAUTION, SCAM are a few examples of keywords that can be effective at drawing attention to your ad.

    Since the space for text ads are limited and you use an attention grabber you instead of call to action you will need to have a site that is capable of conversions when your visitors get there so use the buzz element cautiously.

  3. Eliminate The Non-Profit Keywords

    A lot of keywords can attract people over that aren't in the buying cycle so if your advertising to bring in fast profits rather than list building or anything similar then you will want to stop bringing visitors over that aren't prepared to buy something.

    You could very well strike it lucky but with the costs being paid for every visitor getting to your site through your paid ads you need to have some structure to work around that will ensure profits are being generated as best as possible.

    The easiest way to do this is to get your price into your ad. If you require a $10 sign up for full access or are advertising a $37 product get the price into the ad copy and tell your readers what they get for the bargain price you have. This is going to eliminate the people just casually browsing the web for information.

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