How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines to Get Them Opened

By Al Bornski Icon

Your email is useless and meaningless if people do not bother to open it up and spend some time reading its contents which are usually a sales pitch or information about your product or service that you want to deliver. Your email can be the best piece written by a skilled copywriter but, once the recipient deletes the message without reading it, all your efforts and money are just wasted. To increase the chances that your email is read, make sure that your subject line is attention-grabbing and appealing. There are two important keys when writing subject lines that can almost force any one to open up an email message.

  1. The first important key is to make the subject line appealing or enticing. A good approach is to give your target reader a quick view of the expected result. I actually used this technique on the headline of this article that you are reading now. This is an article about writing emails so it means that a person who will read this is someone who is interested in knowing how to make others open up their mail.

    The headline gives you an idea about what you can expect to get if you read this article. Always give your target readers a good view of the results that they can expect from reading your email. Any one receiving an email in his or her inbox immediately processes in his mind "what does it contain for me?" and "can it help me in any way if I read this message?" The chances of significantly higher opening rate can be achieved if you immediately tell your target readers that the email is for their own best interest and they should not just delete it.

  2. The second key is to show them an achievable result or outcome. It is more believable to speak about personal success and results because people are usually not in the mood to risk money for something they do not fully understand. They prefer to follow the foot steps of some one who is already successful. Go back to the headline of this article. It is telling you that, like me, you can also get the trick on how to have emails opened by your readers and there is no need to be the trial mouse.

These tips I am giving you now are proven to be effective and they can help you to get your emails opened. Once people recognize that there is a result, their follow up question is "how were you able to do that?" Remember your first question to a friend who just lost 20 pounds? All you can think of is to ask how he or she did it successfully. Another example is asking a neighbor with a great looking lawn "how did you make it so green?" People will definitely open your email if they realize that they can get an answer to their question.

When you are creating your email subject line for your Internet business opportunity, you must consider station WIIFM which means "What's in it for me." People are interested mostly about themselves and not about you and your emails so you must show them the possible expected results that are helpful to them. If you get this right you can exploit many business opportunities online.

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