Best Persuasive Ads - How to Write the Most Effective Ads

By Fernando Aguilera Icon

I have for you the holy grail of copywriting guides.

You probably sell stuff and you want to sell more. A good attention getter from the beginning always yields better results. With effective copywriting skills you can write your own paychecks. There is an important structure to follow when writing copy, be it ads, landing pages, videos, articles, banners or any type of advertising for that matter. There are 3 things to cover whenever you think up material and if your ad covers all 3 it will convert like crazy.

  1. The first thing your ad must do is get straight to the point. The customer wants to know what you are offering and you must start out with the idea of "here's what I got". When customers these days are searching for something on the Internet they are looking for an answer. There're so many flashy things and hype on the Internet that people are tired of it, they just want an answer. No welcomes or thanks, just the point straight from the beginning. What do you have that's of value to them.

  2. The second thing your ad must do is answer the second question the prospect has and that is "what can it do for me?" You must answer this question by telling them how, what you have, will help them. No hype here either just cold hard facts are best. Remember that they came across your ad, you didn't just put it in their hands so they're looking for you. When they find you, you must provide the help they need. They're looking for help more than anything. Be there waiting to help to people who ask for help and your success will be inevitable.

  3. The last thing your ad must do is tell your customers where to go to get more info, or knowledge, or where to go to get their questions answered. Tell them where to go to get more.If you're selling a juice you can tell them you have this great juice and here's how it will help you achieve what you want and then here's where to go to get it or to learn more.

Effective copywriting requires no more than following 3 simple rules. The fourth and final piece to the puzzle is the copywriter himself. Even with these 3 simple rules, having the right mindset when writing is key. The way you think is the way you write. Developing a good mindset is key for effective copywriting as it is also to maintain a good business. I've recently joined a unique community that has trained me in all this and that's why I'm able to write about it. I went from feeling stuck to believing anything's possible

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