Seven Steps to Writing an Effective Sales Letter

By Jenna Patterson Icon

One skill that every web business owner or entrepreneur must master is the ability to write an effective sales letter. While this might not sound that important, remember that whether your business succeeds or fails has a great deal to do with the quality of your sales letters. Even if you have the best product on the market, if you do not know how to convenience the customers that they cannot live without it, your web business will fail. Following these seven steps will help you write the sales letter that will help you reach sales beyond your expectations.

Step # 1 -- Identify your audience and know what point you are trying to make. This step is the most important step to creating an effective sales letter, however, it is also the most forgotten. Even though you think you will just be able to say "hey this is a good product, trust me" and the customers will buy it, you couldn't be further off base. Keep in mind the people reading the letter do not want to know how you created the product or even why you created it; they want to know what the product is going to do to make their life better. Appeal to the customers; tell them how it will make their life better.

Step # 2 -- Title. This is the part of the sales letter that will make your potential customers read it or throw it away. The title has to take the main points of your sale pitch and scream them at the reader to get their attention. Make sure it includes what you have, what it will do and how fast it will do it. You will not sell a single product if people throw the letter away.

Step # 3 -- Share your story. Let your potential customers know a little bit about you. Let them know what you have done to make your community a better place. What made you want to share the product and why you think that it will help everyone who buys it?

Step # 4 -- Reviews. This part is a must-have for every effective sales letter. Find about three people who are willing to write a raving review about the product. People want to know what other people think.

Step # 5 -- Advantages of your product. Let the customer know what the product will do for them. Make them see that they cannot function without it.

Step # 6 -- The promise. Prove to your customer that you believe in the product. Promise them they will be satisfied or you will give them their money back and you will see your sales sky rocket.

Step # 7 -- Close the deal. Never leave them guessing. Let them know where to go and how to order. Make this process simple for them while giving them a few different payment choices.

By following these seven simple steps you will be surprised at how your sales volume increases. Take your time and be patient; if your first letter doesn't give you perfect results follow the steps and try again.

Jenna Patterson -- Copywriter with exceptional copywriting, proofreading and creative skills. Consistently produces high-quality print and web-based communications for various audiences with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to top-notch quality. Truly blessed with an aptitude for synthesizing complex technical information into clear, user-friendly copy. Contact Jenna at

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