How to Write an Effective Email

By Sean R Mize Icon

In this article, I will teach you how to write an effective email. Now, I must say this - when I refer to an effective email, I mean one that is effective at communicating with your email subscribers.

So what exactly does that look like?

Well, first of all, let's think about this - why does someone join your email list in the first place? Is it to gain information on a particular topic, the topic about which you are an expert? Is it to learn more about you and your services? Or perhaps different people on your list are on your list for different reasons?

Let's think about this as well. If you were to ask your friend, who is hypothetically an expert in something you need help with, what kind of emails would your friend send to you?

My guess is that he (or she ) would send you emails with relevant content, occasionally make offers to you or suggestions to purchase something that would really help you.

But my guess is that he wouldn't send you blatant affiliate promotions everyday, nor would he send you something that has across the header "newsletter of the day" nor would he send something with 10 ads in it.

Instead, he would send you relevant content that you needed to learn more about your topic. He would send you sales offers when they made sense. And all of his emails would appear to be from him personally.

You know, I think that is one of the biggest mistakes email marketers make today: they try to treat their list of subscribers as one big entity, when in fact they are not one big entity, they are many multiple numbers of people, each of whom have feelings and individual needs.

You see, your entire list isn't going to go in together to buy your product from you, so why would you send a mass email to your list that looks like it is going to hundreds or thousands of people?

I suggest writing emails that will look and appear natural, and as those you wrote them personally. One thing I have found that really helps is to send to your list emails that you have once sent to individuals. For example, if someone asks you a relevant question, and you answer it as an email, you can copy and paste that email into your autoresponder, and send that out to your list (taking out your client's personal info of course) and it will appear much more natural in many cases than if you wrote an email just for your list.

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