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Are you a first-time inventor or other entrepreneur with a great invention or new product idea but have no idea what to do next or whom to trust? Well, why not get started protecting your invention now by filing a professionally prepared utility patent application?

After you file your utility patent application, you can seek out people who might want to buy the rights to your invention, find investors, find potential licensees for your invention, or contact manufacturers to make products based on your invention without worrying somebody will steal your invention from you.

1. What is a utility patent application?

You can file a utility patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to lock-in a filing date for your invention (i.e. a utility patent application gives you patent pending for your invention based on the "utility" or functionality of your invention). But unlike a provisional patent application, a utility patent application is processed through the USPTO beyond merely being assigned a serial number and a filing date. A utility patent application additionally gets the process started towards receiving a utility patent on your invention wherein you receive your patent rights to stop others from making, using, selling, or importing products utilizing your invention in the United States of America (USA).

The main benefits of filing a utility patent application are: 1) to receive a filing date from the USPTO as an easily provable date of inventorship (proof of earlier dates can be done if an issue arises between two or more inventors such as by using a witnessed/dated or notarized inventor's notebook); 2) to get the process started towards receiving a utility patent on your invention so you get your patent rights as soon as possible at which time you can license companies and receive royalty payments for sales of products based on your invention; and 3) an issued utility patent is more more valuable and probably more easily saleable, depending on the scope of its protection (breadth) and subject matter, that a pending patent application.

Additionally, oftentimes a design patent application (based on the "design" or outward appearance of your invention) can be based on your utility patent application, depending on the adequacy of the drawings of the particular utility patent application. Also, foreign patent applications in countries that are members of the Paris Convention if filed within one year of the filing date of the utility patent application.

So, if you are an inventor with an invention, you have the financial means, and you want to get your patent rights as soon as possible so you can stop your competitors from copying your invention in their products, or so you can license your patent to companies and collect royalty payments, you should file a utility patent application.

2. How do I start the utility patent application process?

We make preparing and filing your utility patent application easy, quick, and less expensive than most companies. Just follow our easy 4 step process:

  1. Submit a Confidentiality Agreement

    Simply follow the directions to complete a Confidentiality Agreement and electronically send it to us. We countersign it and electronically send it back to you.

  2. Description and Sketches of Your Invention

    Following receipt of the counter-signed Confidentiality Agreement, complete the form below the Confidentiality Agreement including the inventor and invention information (including any photos, drawings, or other files as attachments), and electronically send it to us.

  3. Quote for Your Utility Patent Application

    We carefully review your answers on the form and any sketches or photos you might send us and provide a quote to have your utility patent application prepared by a licensed patent attorney or agent in accordance with U.S. Patent Laws.

  4. Submit Deposit

    You decide whether you want us to have your patent application prepared for you. If yes, you send us a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 to get the process going that covers our continuing conversations and other expenses in finding and communicating with the patent attorney or agent we select for you.

    We communicate with and forward your information to the patent attorney or agent who will contact you directly to prepare the patent application. You pay the balance due directly to the patent attorney or agent.

  5. Patent Application Prepared and Submitted for Your Review

    Your patent attorney or agent sends your prepared patent application to us and we forward it to you for your review and signing of the appropriate paperwork. You write a check directly to the U.S. Patent Office for the filing fee, enclose everything in a pre-addressed Express Mail envelope we provide, and you mail it via U.S. Postal Service Express Mail. Electronic filing is also available upon request for a small additional fee.

    You get "patent pending" the day your application is filed.

  6. Post-Filing.

    Once your application has received, the U.S. Patent Office will issue an Official Filing Receipt with your serial number and filing date directly to you, typically within about four to six weeks of you filing your patent application.

3. What does your utility patent application preparation include?

You get all of this:

  1. Professionally written disclosure by a licensed patent attorney or patent agent that describes your invention in detail as required by the U.S. Patent Office.

  2. Hand or computer generated sketches of your invention commonly called "informal drawings".

  3. Complete filing paperwork ready for your signature.

  4. All guaranteed to be ready for your review and filing within 4-6 weeks of receipt of information and deposit.

  5. FREE follow-up consultation with us on how to best make money from your invention.

4. Will my invention be kept confidential?

We guarantee that all of your information will be kept strictly confidential and shared only with your selected patent attorney or patent agent.

5. Do you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee   Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with your prepared utility patent application for any reason, we will have it changed for you at no additional cost to you.

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!
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