Finding Seed Money to Start Your New Business… NOW!

Finding Seed Money to Start Your New Business… NOW!
Brian R. Rayve Hi, I am Brian R. Rayve, a former product development manager, patent attorney, and owner of the Invention Patenting Group.

I founded this website especially to help inventors like you protect and profit from your inventions.

I have talked to many independent inventors and other entrepreneurs who are trying to start a new business based on their invention or new product idea. What is their biggest problem… take a wild guess… lack of funding to make their business dreams come true!

Well, I have done all of the footwork up-front to write this audio CD and corresponding fill-in workbook that explains how you can get seed money to start your new business.

After listening to this CD, you will know the following:

1. How to find private investors:

  • the 12 critical things you need to consider before you even start looking for investors;
  • the 6 types of private investors based on their personal motivations and goals;
  • how to decide which type of private investor best suits your own business goals;
  • 27 places to find private investors to approach with your business proposal; and
  • 5 investor websites where you can advertise your business proposal.

Finding Seed Money Includes audio CD and
write-in workbook.

2. How to write a persuasive business proposal:

  • make your single-sheet-of-paper business plan;
  • make your single-sheet-of-paper marketing plan;
  • crunching the numbers in a realistic manner;
  • determining what government regulations may apply to your new business; and
  • putting it all together into an easy-to-read format.

3. Making initial contact with potential investors:

  • the 5 ways to initially approach potential investors;
  • deciding on the best approaches for your type of investor;
  • do your “investor homework” upfront so as not to blow the deal;
  • making initial contact… what to say… the do’s and don’ts;
  • initial contact follow-up… when and how.

4. Presenting your business proposal:

  • how to determine when and where to make your presentation;
  • what to bring to your presentation;
  • setting up for your presentation;
  • the presentation… what to say… the do’s and don’ts; and
  • closing the presentation and what to leave with the potential investor.

Finding Seed Money

5. Negotiating business ownership and management:

  • basics of effective negotiations;
  • 8 critical items you must to negotiate up-front and knowing where to “draw the line”;
  • how to terminate negotiations yet “leave the door open” if negotiations go badly;
  • what to do if multiple investors are involved; and
  • how to properly document your negotiated deal.

6. Post-deal matters:

  • how to get your money – lump sum versus installments;
  • starting your business – spending the money and documenting the expenditures;
  • repaying your investors;
  • what to do if the money runs out too soon; and
  • modifying your agreement if necessary;

7. Government assistance:

  • the 3 main sources of government assistance to entrepreneurs;
  • why a government program may be best for your new business;
  • determining which government program is best for starting your new business;
  • preparing for your government application to have the best chance of being approved; and
  • post-approval compliance.

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