Getting Your Products into the Big Box Retailers... NOW!
Brian R. Rayve   Hi, I am Brian R. Rayve, a former product development manager, patent attorney, and owner of the Invention Patenting Group.

I founded this website especially to help inventors like you protect and profit from your inventions.

I have talked to many independent inventors and other entrepreneurs who want to get their new products into the "Big Box Retailers" such as Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, K-Mart, PETCO, Sears, and others but have no idea how to do so.

Well, I have done all of the footwork up-front to write this audio CD and corresponding fill-in workbook that explains how you can get your products into the big box retailers.

After listening to this CD, you will know the following:

1. The basics of big box retailing:
  • the 5 critial items big box retailers are looking for in companies they choose as suppliers;
  • determining your readiness to make the leap to multi-store retail sales with the big box retailers;
  • making sure that you can make a reasonable profit margin selling your products to retailers in the highly price competitive venue of big box retailers;
  • whether to sell your product directly to the retailer or license it to a manufacturer who will distribute it for you;
  • determining what about your product will make a buyer take a chance on your product;
  • how to handle production volume if you land a deal;
  • raising the capital needed to fund retailer purchases;
  • meeting production and delivery lead time deadlines; and
  • labor law and product safety compliance issues.

Big Box Retailers Includes audio CD and
write-in workbook.

2. How to contact retailers:
  • finding, evaluating, and choosing a retailer that is a good fit for your product;
  • contacting a buyer or category manager who handles your type of product;
  • obtaining and filling out a vendor application;
  • complying with retailer policies and procedures for carrying new products;
  • requesting an appointment for a product presentation;
  • determining whether you should pitch your product or hire a professional pitchman;
  • mentally preparing for your presentation including what to say and knowing standard industry terms; and
  • what to bring to your presentation.

3. Become a Home Depot supplier:
  • preparing your own proposal package for becoming a supplier; and
  • deciding whether to become a merchandise, non-merchandise, import, or domestic logistics supplier.

4. Become a Costco supplier:
  • preparing your own proposal package for becoming a supplier;
  • addresses for vendor inquiries; and
  • appropriate contacts for prospective vendors of non-food or sundry items versus food and sundry items.

Big Box Retailers

5. Become a Wal-Mart Supplier:
  • obtaining, preparing, and submitting your Wal-Mart supplier application package;
  • deciding whether to become part of the national supplier program or part of a local purchase program; and
  • meeting the minimum vendor requirements including:
    • getting listed with Dun &
    • procuring a Universal Product Code
      (UPC) identification number;
    • liability insurance; and
    • workers compensation insurance.

6. Become a PETCO supplier:
  • preparing your own proposal package for becoming a supplier;
  • attending monthly, quarterly, or annual open vendor days to schedule an appointment for a product presentation;
  • preparing for your presentation including required paperwork; and
  • gearing up for supplying your approved product within 30 days of your presentation.

7. Become a J.C. Penney supplier:
  • preparing your own proposal package for becoming a supplier;
  • meeting the minimum vendor requirements including:
    • getting listed with Dun &
      Bradstreet; and
    • $2 million in liability insurance.

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