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Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support projects initiated by other people or organizations. Crowdfunding originated from crowdsourcing, which includes the pooling of all resources, including money, necessary for projects to come to fruition. Thus, crowdfunding makes it possible for people to achieve goals that they otherwise might not be able to do using conventional equity or debt financing.

Crowdfunding is used in a wide variety of projects including disaster relief, citizen journalism, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, startup company funding, motion picture promotions, free software development, product and invention development, scientific research, and civic projects.

One of the downsides of crowdfunding is projects not meeting their funding goals because projects are not properly advertised on the Internet through social media, search engines, and the like such that they are not viewed by a sufficient number of like-minded people willing to invest in the project. The promotion of projects is typically left to the person(s) who submitted the project to the funding website for funding and any team they might organize in the effort. However, most people who submit projects have little or no idea about how to advertise and promote their project.

1. Problem Solved...

Our crowdfunding program does the advertising and promotion work for you in exchange for a project setup fee and a monthly subscription fee. While it is still advisable for you to notify your personal and business contacts about your project, our program takes the burden of the majority of promotion off your shoulders and leaves it to our professionals. You can even make our fees part of your crowdfunding project so you are reimbursed for them when you reach your crowdfunding goal.

2. Key Benefits of the Invention Crowdfunding Program

Here is an overview of the key benefits of our Invention Crowdfunding Program to inventors like yourself:

  1. Professional formulation of the right crowdfunding strategy for your particular project including setting incentive levels to entice people to fund your project, which is key to successful fundraising;

  2. Professional design and scripting of your project page to attract the interest of potential donors and clearly explain to them your project to increase funding;

  3. Graduated funding goals allow you to receive your funds as you reach progressively higher funding goals to start your project sooner;

  4. Higher visitor traffic to your project page by advertising your project using social media, search engines, and the like increases the liklihood of your project reaching its funding goals;

  5. We can help you in the preparation of a project video for an additional video production fee that depends on the extent of the video required.

  6. Use money raised to fund filing patent applications, prototypes, tooling, facilities, machinery, our products and services, the Invention Commercialization and Profitability Program, and much more;

  7. Crowdfunding is available to you regardless of whether your goal is to sell your invention outright to a company or an individual, patent then license your invention to a company in exchange for periodic royalty payments, or set up your own small business to manufacture and sell products based on your invention.

Here is a screenshot of a crowdfunding project (click on image to enlarge):

Invention Crowdfunding Program

3. Sign Up Now and Get Started Funding your Invention Project

There is a one-time, initial setup fee of $249.95 to formulate the right crowdfunding strategy for your particular project including seting incentive levels to entice people to fund your project, professional scripting of your project and why people should fund it, and professional preparation of your project page. We highly encourage you to include a short video presentation of your project to help prospective donors understand your project and why they should help fund it. We can help in the preparation of a project video for an additional video production fee that depends on the extent of the video work required if you need help in this regard.

There is a monthly advertising and administration fee of $99.95 to cover professional advertising of your project through social media and search engines on the Internet to help bring awareness and more potential donors to your project page. This fee also covers administration of your project such as monitoring traffic flow and donations to your project, and donation bookkeeping for your project each month. Please note that you may add funding of the one-time setup fee and the monthly advertising and administration fee to your funding goal so you are reimbursed when your project reaches its funding goal.

Click on the button below to pay your initial setup fee and get on your way to funding your project. Following payment, you will be redirected to a web page on which you can enter basic information about your project. You will not be asked to start paying the monthly advertising and administration fee until your project page is up and running.


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Invention Evaluations   Invention Evaluations

Choose the Invention Evaluation Plan that fits your goals and budget.

Inventors such as yourself who are looking to protect and profit from your invention or new product idea each have your unique needs and budgets. That is why we offer several invention evaluation plans for you to choose from that are tailored to the special needs of individual inventors.

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Invention Commercialization and Profitability Program

Choose from our Basic, Advanced, or Professional Invention Combo Packages, depending on your particular needs and budget. Each combo package includes your choice of the Invention Sales Package, the Invention Licensing Package, or the Invention Marketing Package.


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Don't have money to develop your invention into a product?

Crowdfunding makes it possible for you to achieve your invention goal of selling, licensing, or manufacturing products based on your invention that you otherwise might not be able to do using equity or debt financing. And you don't give up any ownership stake in your invention.


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