Invention Prototyping Basics for Independent Inventors

An important stage in the product development process of bringing your invention or new product idea from concept to retail product is the prototyping stage.
Here is where you can determine problems and improvements necessary to produce the best product based on your invention.

It also gives you a “physical product” that potential customers can hold in-hand and operate to get a better “feel” for the product and provide you better feedback for improving it.

I am not saying that you should pay a lot of money for a prototype. Oftentimes, making a “cardboard and tape” prototype does the job quite satisfactorily particularly early in the product development process.

Well, I have posted seven articles on the basics of successful prototyping for your review.

How to Prototype an Idea or Invention” discloses some basic principles for you to approach prototyping inventions and new product ideas, including: 1) the purpose of prototypes; 2) when a prototype is necessary; 3) three main categories of prototypes; and 4) the cost of a prototype.

The Secrets for Developing a Successful Prototype of Your Idea” reveals: 1) how prototyping is one the most important stages of the design process; 2) four types of prototypes that each have different functions; 3) how prototypes are made; 4) getting the right professional help; and 5) how much prototypes cost.

Prototype Development and Prototype Design” discusses the design and prototyping processes and how they go hand in hand in producing successful products.

Tips on Low Cost Invention Prototyping and Small Volume Production Runs” outlines techniques used to prototype inventions and make small volume production runs, including four methods to make patterns of the initial prototype used to make copies of the prototype.

Prototyping – What is it and How Does Prototyping Work” discloses rapid prototyping which is the process of constructing physical objects automatically by making use of “solid freeform fabrication”.

3D Printer Information and 3D Prints Along With 3D Printer Technologies” discusses a form of rapid prototyping called 3D printing which is a method of building 3D parts layer-by-layer from a virtual 3D model.

3D Printer Information and 3D Printer Prototyping Modeling and Mapping” further discusses making 3D parts using 3D printers.

I hope these articles give you a better understanding of prototyping your invention or new product idea.

Best regards,

Brian R. Rayve
Owner, Invention Patenting Group

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