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Survey: Majority of U.S. Teens Feel Prepared for Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Yet Many Lack Mentors.
- Lemelson-MIT Invention Index, - Cambridge, Mass., 1/7/9 American teens are embracing the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with increasingly positive attitudes; yet many lack the necessary encouragement from mentors and role models in these fields.

"Closing the Innovation Gap"
-, 1/12/09

"U.S. students say "yay for science"
- Scientific American (online), 1/7/09

"Lemelson-MIT Program: Teens need tech mentors"
-, 1/7/09

"Teens Don't Think Scientists are Nerds"
- Business Week, 1/7/09

"Joe DeSimone - 2008 Tar Heel of the Year"
- News & Observer, 12/28/08

"Windbelt gives a boost to Humdinger"
-, 12/7/08

"Flying car almost ready for takeoff"
- Mass High Tech, 12/5/08

"MIT students take top prizes in national inventors' contest"
- MIT news, 11/21/08

"Inventor Woody Norris reflects on his famous career"
- Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, September 2008

"10 Everyday Technologies That Can Change the World"
- Discover, 9/8/08

"A Letter From the President"
- SPECTRVM, fall 2008

"Celebrities of the Invention"
- Agency FAPESP, 8/19/08

"It's a Wonderful Life: 17 Breakthroughs That Have Changed Our Lives"
- Woman's Day, September 2008

"For Nanotech Drug Delivery, Size Doesn't Matter - Shape Does"
- Scientific American, 8/7/08

"Beyond Science Fiction"
- The Huffington Post, 7/1/08

"EurekaFest photos"
- MAKE, 7/1/08

"Dr. Joseph DeSimone wins Lemelson-MIT Prize"
- NECN, 6/26/08

"Second Annual EurekaFest Showcases Young Innovators"
- Technology Review, 6/26/08

Plastics expert wins $500K Lemelson-MIT award"
- The Boston Globe, 6/25/08

"Synthetic bacteria-fighting organisms win Lemelson-MIT prize"
- CNet News, 2/27/08

"US Teens Confident in Their Inventiveness; Hands-on, Project-based Learning Needed"
- Science Daily, 1/17/08

"Tech Ignorance Keeps Teens From Changing the World"
- Wired Campus, 1/17/08

"15 Pursuits of Tech"
- Men's Health, 11/19/07

"Inventions With Impact"
- Chemical and Engineering News, 4/4/07

"Invention May Help Troops Make a Rapid Ascent"
- National Public Radio, 3/12/07

"CNN Top 25: Innovations"
- CNN, 6/19/05

2005 Invention Forum
- MIT World, 3/8/05


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- This online community offers a searchable collection of links to news articles, essays, book reviews, blogs and educational resources about a variety of topics in math and science. The "Best Bets" channel in the "Sites & Tools" section of the website highlights the best resources on the web, such as Wolfram Research's MathWorld and Biointeractive by Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Discover Magazine
- Science news, fascinating articles, Web picks and an amazing image gallery.

Intellectual Property Owners' Association
- Current intellectual property news, information and events.

Inventors Digest
- An online and print resource for idea people.

Inventors' Digest
- Online site for the nation's only magazine for inventors and innovators.

Makezine - For the do-it-yourself fanatics who wish to make their own tech gadgets at home, this Web site stems from the popular magazine Make. While few articles are reserved for subscribers, it features many free step-by-step instructions and photos for projects posted by the Make community.

Popular Science
- Fuel for the curious mind via online articles about cutting-edge science and technology breaththroughs.

Science Daily
- Online news source for current research in several fields.

Scientific American Online
- Scientific American online archives, plus a mystery inventor of the month.

- An online research digest published weekly for the science community.

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