The Value of Having a Mission Statement

By Dana Smithers Icon

If you do not have a mission statement or need to revamp yours, now is a good time to review the value of having your mission statement.


A mission statement is a formal short written statement of the PURPOSE of a company... The mission statement should guide the ACTIONS of the organization, spell out its overall GOAL, provide a SENSE OF DIRECTION, and GUIDE DECISION MAKING. It provides "the FRAMEWORK or CONTEXT" within which the company's STRATEGIES are formulated.

Why do you need a Mission Statement?

For the last 6 years I have had a mission statement that has never changed. It has allowed me to always stay focused on what my mission was so that I did not veer off into other areas of business that were not part of my mission statement. For example, my focus has been training women to create successful home staging and redesign businesses, so that if home decorating clients contacted me I turned them down, and passed them on to other qualified PRES members. That way I stayed true to my mission statement and others benefited when I shared.

Recently after some 'intuitive' exploration I changed mine slightly so that it now is: To educate, inspire and empower self-employed women through speaking engagements, writing, training and mentoring.

So now my focus is slightly changed and much larger in scope for me, and it rings true as I set new goals for myself for 2010.

How do you Create One?

Ask yourself these 3 questions and start to create your own Mission Statement. Just a little FYI - sometimes our greatest pain or weakness in childhood is often the 'why' we want to do this so that you can finally transform your pain into JOY.

  1. WHAT do you LOVE to do? - What gives you the most JOY in life? What is something others might say is your 'gift' but you may not recognize it as so? What gives your life meaning? What did you like to do as a child? What was your favourite toy? Sometimes the 'what we love to do' is so much FUN that we think it couldn't possibly be paid to do it, think again!
  2. WHO would you like to do it for? - Who would you like to have as your client? Who do you really want to provide your service to? Who do you want to be around? Is there a particular group you want to impact in a positive way?
  3. HOW will you do this thing that you love? - How will you accomplish your Mission Statement? What Actions do you have to take to move forward to reach your goals? What is the first step you can take? The second? The next?

This is how I break mine down:

  • WHAT: To educate, inspire and empower
  • WHO TO: self-employed entrepreneurial women
  • HOW: through speaking engagements, writing, training and mentoring.

Once you have done this see how it resonates with you. Does it feel authentic? Every time you make a business decision, determine if it supports your Statement or takes you away from it. If it takes you away from your core desires, pass it on to someone else.

Dana J. Smithers, Founder & Creative Director of PRES Staging Resource Centre is a professional interior decorator, redesigner and home stager. She has taught a professional home staging and redesign course for 6 years and is known as the 'Staging Guru'. She appears frequently on television, radio, newspapers, magazines and in e-articles. Check her out at for articles and Do-It-Yourself ebooks on home staging. Stay tuned for new book in 2010 on Starting Your Own Home Staging Business and the launch of her Empowering Women Mentoring program.

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