Marketing Basics - Write a Dynamite USP Or Mission Statement in
6 Easy Steps

By Rosey Dow Icon

Solo business owners often find it difficult to say what they do in one breath. However, condensing your service into an easy-to-understand statement is critical. We've all heard the idea of the 30 second elevator speech, but I'd like to take that a bit further and boil it down to 2 simple statements you can speak in less than 10 seconds without rushing.

Not only does this give you an edge when you're in public, it also clarifies your mission in your thinking and give you a foundation and focus you can use to structure your business. Here's how to do it.

First, think through these questions.

  1. Your niche - Who exactly are you trying to reach?
    • Work at Home Moms with troubled teens;
    • People going through a romantic breakup; or
    • Internet marketers who help coaches (notice how tight the niche is? The tighter the better).
  2. Your prospect's pain - What emotion are they feeling because they have this problem?
    • Frustration;
    • Stress;
    • Fatigue;
    • Anger; or
    • Hopelessness.
  3. Their visible goal - What exactly do they want more than anything?
    • Get a good night's sleep;
    • Change lives through inner growth;
    • See their teens become healthy adults; or
    • Make a million this year.
  4. Their actual failure with #3 - What results are they currently seeing?
    • Family frustrations;
    • relationship issues; or
    • sleepless nights.
  5. Your contribution - What will you do for them as the hero coming to save the day?
    • Teach them how to _______________;
    • Help them overcome _______________; or
    • Help them release _______________.
  6. Their hero-driven result - What will they walk away with after you help them?
    • Sleep like a baby;
    • Have happy, productive children; or
    • Feel 20 years younger.

Now plug these elements into this statement:

You are _______________(2) negative emotion ______________ because you're trying to ________________(3) most critical goal _______________ but ________________(4) their current negative result related to the niche (1)_______________. I'll ______________(5) your contribution ______________, so you can ______________(6) hero-driven result ____________________.

Here's an example:

Mea Evans is a life coach with amazing talent. Her goal is to help thousands of people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from car accident trauma to release their pain and see a brighter tomorrow.

This is what Mea's USP Worksheet would look like:

  1. Mea's niche: She helps victims of PTSD resulting from car accident trauma.
  2. Mea's prospect's pain: What emotion are they feeling because they have this problem? PTSD produces Frustration, Fear, Anger and Fatigue but the most all-encompassing is the feeling that their life is out of control and they might never get it back.
  3. Mea's prospect's visible goal: What exactly do they want more than anything? Feel peaceful and energized like they once did.
  4. Their actual failure with #3: What results are they currently seeing? Flashbacks, nightmares, restlessness, feeling of dread.
  5. Mea's contribution: What will she do for them as the hero coming to save the day? Help them release painful memories and have rest (Notice the benefit statement? She's not talking about hypnosis or EFT or psychotherapy here. Her method isn't the point. It's the result that her prospect is after.)
  6. Their hero-driven result: What will Mea's client walk away with? A fresh start with a feeling of peace and hope.

Now plug these 5 elements into this statement to create Mea's USP.

You are (2) exhausted because you're trying to (3) get your life back but (4) you keep having flashbacks and nightmares (1) about the car accident you were in. I'll (5) show you how to let go of the past, so you can (6) see your future with hope.

USP Worksheet:

  1. Your niche: _______________________________________________;
  2. Your prospect's pain: ______________________________________;
  3. Their visible goal: __________________________________________;
  4. Their actual failure with #3: ________________________________;
  5. Your contribution as their hero: ____________________________; and
  6. Their hero-driven result: ___________________________________.

Now plug these elements into this statement: You are (2)_______________ because you're trying to (3)_______________ but (4)_______________ (1)_______________. I'll (5)_______________, so you can (6)_______________. There you have it!

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Rosey Dow is a casting director. She casts the perfect clients who would take your business to the next level.

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