How Can Angel Investors Help You Overcome Your Initial Business Obstacles?

How Can Angel Investors Help You Overcome Your Initial Business Obstacles?

By Jacklin Jonse Icon

The term ‘angel investors’ was originally used by wealthy individuals who would take the risk of privately funding small business or shows, or even individuals who required hasty finances. But now the term ‘Business Angels’ is used in a much broader sense and implies to a network of likeminded people who have taken up the initiative to help start up businesses with initial capital and other helpful resources.

These Angel Investors Network are considered a boon by most organizations as well as individuals in India, who often had to shelve their plans due to shortage of funds. Compared to our western counterparts who have innumerable options to take the help and services of investment firms; Indian entrepreneurs still face funding problems since angel Investment In India is yet to come of age. Except a few reliable firms such as IAN etc, there are very few angel investors who offer valuable time and money to inexperienced individuals.

Starting Small Businesses is sometimes a really tedious task that includes appropriate capital, planned business ideas, resourceful contacts, building a database of initial clients and hoards of other responsibilities. But with the advent of these investment firms, giving shape to new ideas and business proposals is no more a dilemma!

A proper and honest angel investment firm will not only provide initial funding of your business but other essential requirements as well which includes:

  • High quality and time to time monitoring,
  • Vast networks and inputs on strategy
  • Proper execution of plans in a systematic manner
  • Access to all their important contacts to increase prospective clients

Members who are part of a Network Of Indian Angels usually consist of experienced CEO’s and successful businessmen who have been leaders in their respective fields with commendable experience and expertise. They have extensive management experience which can help your business to flourish in no time at all.

But again, as mentioned earlier, it is very important to find out some crucial details about the concerned network of Indian angels such as:

  • Details about the team members, their qualifications and their years of experience in the industry.
  • The strength of the firm and their goodwill in the market
  • Apart from funds what other benefits can they offer you? Whether they are open to sharing their valuable contacts list with your firm?
  • Whether the business angels have worked in your particular industry?
  • What other resources can they offer, for e.g. access to office property, access to staff, technical know-how etc?

All of this assistance is not free of cost though! Usually these investment firms ask for a percentage of the profits made from the business in question. But the amount is nothing compared to the innumerable and incomparable benefits that they offer. Seeking help from Business Angels is perhaps one of the wisest decisions in today’s competitive market that can take your business to unmatched and incredible heights.

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