Checklist for Why You Need to Find Venture Capital

Checklist for Why You Need to Find Venture Capital

By Rodney Banks Icon

Below we will set up a checklist to help you know why, how much and where to find venture capital.

Find Venture Capital Checklist:

  1. Why do you need money?-expansion, startup or financial crisis
  2. Is your need pressing?-do you have to have the money now or can you get by a little longer or is this for future project
  3. What are your future financial projections?-need to hire, more equipment or diversify products

Venture Capital Sources:

  • Local or state programs-check websites and local institutions for more options
  • Microloan-equipment or supplies-check requirements at your local bank
  • SBA-Small Business Association-check the website for more information
  • Private Investors -local papers adds, internet, or personal contact

What are Other Ways to Find Venture Capital?

Check all local and state government programs that are available in your area. Check around to see what types of businesses that investors are looking for. And most important, see if there is a government grant program for your type of business, and see what is required for you to get these grants.

To find venture capital can be somewhat confusing and take some research and time to get the right amount from the right source. Have your business plan proposal ready and complete when you enter an establishment to find needed capital. Be professional, accurate in you research and figures, and most of all be honest. These people are professionals in their field and will be able to see right through you if you are trying to pull something off on them.

The new entrepreneur will need capital to start their business venture and have the much needed funds for their business operations. To find capital, you can go to a bank, private wealthy investors or professionally managed investment funds. The first step to be considered for this or any form of capital investment is your business plan. Your business plan must be professional, short but accurate and interesting to gain the attention of these funders to be further considered for financial assistance. If your business plan is weak, you will have no chance to even be considered for financing. It is my personal recommendation to hire a business consultant to assure you have a well presentable business plan.

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