Buying an Angel Investor Directory – Top 4 Mistakes

Buying an Angel Investor Directory – Top 4 Mistakes

By Theo O’Brien Icon

Within this article we provide tips and strategies that you can use while buying an angel investor directory. By following these strategies you should be able to avoid the most common mistakes that we see people making within the industry.

Top 5 Mistakes Made While Buying an Angel Investor Directory

  1. The #1 mistake we see being made is getting the largest directory possible when really the quality of the resource is more important than anything else. Most teams don’t have near the resources to even reach out to more than just 500 or 800 unique angels so buying a larger resource will often mean that is of lower quality.
  2. Over or under-paying for a directory is another common mistake. If the resource you are looking to get cost less than $250 or more than $800 than you may be getting a low quality resource or it could be a waste of money.
  3. Trying to access a resource simply to spam the list. Never ever spam the list, this will lead to your current and potentially future emails being completely ignored.
  4. Never get a database from a company which doesn’t provide you with an email address, phone number, click to chat option, and physical address. If they are a real business and have taken building this resource seriously all of these contact details should be available.
  5. The last common mistake we see is believing that once they do have a directory on hand that the hard work is done, not true. While obtaining this type of resource saves you 100’s of hours of time, there is still much hard work to be done in prepping your company for an investment and preparing your presentation.

By avoiding these mistakes you should be able to more quickly raise capital and move towards your business goals. But… if you want to be able to quickly contact and work with angel investors you will need a angel investor directory in Excel fomat.

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