How Can I Contact Angel Investors?

How Can I Contact Angel Investors?

By Theo O’Brien Icon

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are looking for an angel investor to help expand their business. But angel investors are not easy to find without some help.

Here are some tips to contacting angel investors:

  • Find angel investor organizations or chapter: Almost every angel wants to be found. While larger investment firms often try to leave it to their own employees to identify investment opportunities and are not very welcoming to entrepreneurs, angel investor are looking to meet new entrepreneurs and hear business ideas from these small business owners. So there are public listings for angels.
  • Search for “Angel Investors in X city” on Google or any search engine. This will usually yield results for the nearest large city to you. You may have to travel to meet angels, for example, there may be relatively few tech-interested angels in Nevada but in near by California you can find the largest number of tech investors around.
  • Purchase a database of angels: This tool can be incredibly helpful in your search for investors. Especially if you can obtain a directory that has the contact details for each listing. This resource will likely include even hard-to-find potential partners and should have the city and even address of the group or individual investor. Rather than looking for partners yourself, let a team of researchers do the work for you and reap the benefits by finding capital sources for your business.

I hope that this article has given you three good ideas for finding capital for your business. Finding angels can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. But… if you want to be able to quickly contact and work with angel investors you will need a angel investor directory in Excel format.

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