Green Energy for Mother Earth

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Green energy is pertaining to energetic natural processes which can be controlled with little pollution. Examples are geothermal power, solar energy, anaerobic digestion, small-scale hydropower, tidal power, wind power, wave power, biomass power. For some, green energy is defined as power derived from the burning of waste.

Some people have classified nuclear power as green energy. However, others, like Greenpeace, do not agree because of the problems connected with radioactive waste and the danger of nuclear accidents clearly shows that this is harmful to the environment and to humanity. Actually, there's no power source is totally impact-free. All energy sources needs energy and contributes a high degree of pollution from the creation of the technology.

Geothermal power is a description of the Earth's heat energy. This heat energy is also known as geothermal energy. Geothermal power is both the process of switching geothermal energy into electricity and generated electricity. Geothermal power plants supply constant, reliable and renewable electricity where hot geysers, hot springs or steam bring heat from inside the earth. Geothermal power can also be applied by pumping hot sea water up from deep below the sea floor or by stirring the surface water deep underground through layers of hot rock. Some places have geothermal power that would pertain to the use of hot water directly like for heating homes.

Another form of green energy is anaerobic digestate. Anaerobic digestate is a method in which microorganism breaks down the biodegradable material without the presence of oxygen. Anaerobic digestate is used for domestic or industrial purposes. It is also used in waste management and energy release. It is commonly used as a renewable energy source. The method produces a biogas that consists of methane and carbon dioxide. This biogas can be used directly as cooking fuel with the combination of heat and power gas engines. It can also upgrade to biomethane, a quality natural gas. The usage of biogas as a fuel reduces the use of fossil fuels. It also produces nutrient-rich digestate that can be used as fertilizer.

Hydropower, also known as hydraulic power or water power, is the power that came from the energy or force of moving water, which may be utilized for useful purposes. Before the development of electric power, hydropower was commonly used for irrigation. Also for operation of various machines, such as textile machines, watermills, dock cranes, sawmills, and domestic lifts.

Another form of green energy is wind power. It is the process of converting wind energy into valuable form of energy. For example, windmills for mechanical energy, wind turbines to produce electricity, wind pumps for water pumping and even drainage, and sails for launching ships.

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