The History of Renewable
Energy Sources

By James Buckles Icon

It's exceedingly tough to determine the first instance that someone realized how to harness the energy of a renewable energy source. What we do recognize is that it is not a modern concept and we have a lot of options for turning to a green energy solution.


The first form of renewable energy ever used was almost certainly solar power. From prehistoric times, people have known to lay uncooked food on flat rocks to warm it, even though this might not technically be considered cooking.

The original solar cooker recorded was built by Horace de Saussure in the 1760s, and he was able to achieve a temperature of about 230 degrees inside the cooker.


Wind power had been used for sailing long before we can take into account who was the first one that thought about it. The original windmill which used wind power to grind grain, is believed to have most likely come out of Persia in 500 to 900 AD.


Thousands of years previously the Greeks used water wheels, which picked up water in buckets all-around a wheel. The water's weight caused the wheel to spin, converting kinetic energy into mechanical energy for grinding grain and pumping water. In the 1800s the water wheel was frequently used to power machines such as lumber-cutting saws in European and American factories. More importantly, folks realized that the weight of water falling from a height would spin a turbine fixed to a generator to manufacture electricity. Niagara Falls, a natural waterfall, powered the first hydroelectric plant in 1879.


Biomass energy is one of the oldest fuel sources around, I presume from the time when we have learned how to strike a fire. We have burned wood for a very extensive time. Up until the 1880's American used wood for 91% of all its energy supplies. Then in 1890, coal replaced wood for heating. By the 1930's half of every American lived in buildings heated with coal.


The story of geothermal power can be traced back to greater than 10,000 years ago to the American Paleo-Indians at their village in hot springs. This story has been uncovered through the benefit of archeology and shows the Indians used the hot springs for activities including, bathing and heating. It is also alleged the springs were seen as a therapeutic source.


People have harnessed the powerful energy produced by the power of waves ever since as early as 787 AD. The first wave generators were recognized as tide mills, and they were used in Spain, France, and England. They used water wheels to capture energy from the ebb and course of tides.


The roots of human awareness of value of magnetic energies in the existence of people and the world itself go deep back into earliest times, prominent ancient thinker Pythagoras (599 BC).

We all hold a responsibility to upcoming generations to help insure that we are taking care of our earth,so they have the the same opportunities as we do. The point has always been to get started on the path to help establish our own energy.

The world is potentially at the point of being self sustainable. We Maintain the technology to develop energy to power houses with sustainable resources such as solar and wind but the price of these products are still what is holding us back. One such product which is making leaps and bounds is the magnetic generator. These have been on the market for quite some time but with current developments they are much more inexpensive and efficient.

If you are looking for a generator that is free energy and clean energy generator, find out more about perpetual motion generators for your home use generator needs. It's time to stop giving the power companies so much money, reduce your electric bill using a magnetic generator and start enjoying free electricity.

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