How to Obtain a Patent

By Hugh Campbell

If you're a budding Thomas Edison, then you will be well aware of the importance of knowing how to obtain a patent for the invention that will make you millions.

A patent will give you full property rights to your invention. Basically this means that you will have full control of the invention, excluding anyone else from using or marketing your designs. Clearly it is a crucial step that must be done correctly.

Patents are issued by Patents and Trademark Office and come in three categories:

1. Plant patent

For those who discover a new variety of plant.

2. Utility patent

In essence, the patent that gives you complete property rights to a machine, device or mechanical improvement.

3. Design patent

This patent covers your property rights for designs related to machines, devices or compositions.

You can obtain both a utility patent and a design patent to cover different aspects of the same invention.

The first step in knowing how to obtain a patent involves you choosing which category you feel best fits your invention, and then you must file a patent application. Be wary that such applications can be heavy on the red tape and, consequently, many budding inventors turn to specialist patent lawyers. This can be very expensive, so it is worth noting that there are packaged solutions available on the internet.

Also bear in mind that you will have to research existing patents to ensure your idea doesn't clash with one already existing. If you do so, you may very well end up losing a lot of unnecessary time and cash.

Now, it is important to understand that if you do obtain a patent, it is your responsibility to execute the rights that the patent grants you. Although your invention will be protected by the patent, there is no obvious watchdog to keep an eye out for copycats.

This article provides a very brief overview of the patent process and, as you may discover, it is a highly nuanced process. If you have the money, invest in a good attorney. If you just want to get an initial understanding, then go for an online solution.

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