Patents, Protections and Piracy Problems

By Lance Winslow

There is a huge wait at the Patent Office these days and yes the government is trying to do something about it; they are building a 600 million dollar new facility. But the back log continues. Sure you can do a poor man’s patent and send letters back to yourself, initial drawings with dates and keep an official ledger of ideas; yes I do, you should too.

One of the biggest problems now is that once you begin to produce your nifty invention and you start making headway in the market place, well you better get busy and sell, sell, sell; because sooner or later the Chinese will copy it, mass produce it and attempt to sell the cheaply made replicas to all your intended markets and other markets around the world. What can you do to protect yourself in reality? Well not much, except when you do get an idea, pitch it, sell it or make those widgets as fast as you can.

Recently, in attending the Automotive Aftermarket Trade Show in Las Vegas, well I was literally blown away to see nearly 10-foot ball fields of knock-off pirated parts on display from foreign manufacturers and they did not seem to care one bit that they had stolen the patents or were pirating their wares. Consider all this in 2006.

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