Soon China Will Demand Patent Protect and the Tables Will Turn

By Lance Winslow

Patent Piracy is a huge problem for United States Businesses. Much of this International Crime is being committed by Chinese Business Entrepreneurs and the problem is so bad that it is running rampant. This has been a sticky subject for international trade negotiations and talks. How bad is it?

Well consider if you will the annual SEMA APEX after market auto accessory and auto shop trade shows. Last year when I attended these there were 10 football fields full of knock off pirated parts and this costs our corporations billions per year and it costs high-paying American Union manufacturing jobs.

What is interesting about all this and no one is really talking about that fact that Chinese are not intellectual lightweights by any means and soon they will be inventing stuff and selling it too. Actually with the fewer government regulations in China the entrepreneurial spirit is less stifled than in the United States.

So consider in the future when China demands that no one steal their patents or pirate their goods. I would say that is less than 5-years off as the rule breakers become rule makers and demand more enforcement on international patents. Think on this in 2006.

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