Intellectual Property Considerations

By Lance Winslow

Intellectual Property is one of the hardest things to protect. If you file a patent it becomes public information and if someone copies it and changes one thing, they basically stole your idea for free then it is your duty to try to sue them; that costs you thousands. Another huge issue in trying to protect your intellectual property comes when filing forms with various City, State, Federal or Counties, that becomes an easy target giving away pieces to the puzzle to competitors too.

But that is not all, these days corporate espionage is a big thing. They actually teach it in many Universities. You therefore need to shred your trash, pass-word protect your systems and prevent hackers or computer intrusions. Still how can you be safe with questionable employees out to sell your data to your competitors, as loose lips sink ships and the more money involved, as they often say; the loser the lips will be.

Even our own US military dealing in Top Secret information, usually knows that it is only top secret for 6-months and then forget it; everyone knows and you may as well let the defense contractors go have a hay day with their press releases to boost their stock. Suffice it to say if you do not have a good strategy in place to protect your intellectual property then you are doing more harm to your company than good. So, consider all this in 2006.

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