International Intellectual Patent Protection and Eastern and Western Culture Issues

By Lance Winslow

As an Online Think Tank member, I know that there are two or more sides to every issue and different perspectives and belief systems on all sides of any debate about right and wrong. Yet, I see international intellectual patent protection as a crisis that should have already been solved. The United States must seize this opportunity to fix the problems with our trading partners on the other side of the planet.

Some say that in the future the US will design everything and the Chinese will make it all. But that is not really true and anyone who is watching the changes and trends can see it simply is not so. So what am I saying here?

What I am saying is two-fold;

1.) It is a fallacy to believe that everything will be designed by High-Tech in the US and then made in China; China and India for that matter will both "design (and/or steal) and build" in the future. Therefore counting on high-tech or a knowledge society to propel the economy is a questionable strategy for the future.

2.) I agree that a knowledge society is smart either way, in that it makes sense to have more intelligent people making better decisions and problem solving, rather than stuck in linear thoughts leading to dead-ends due to the laws of unintended consequence perpetually peppered in Murphy's Law.

So, those are my thoughts. And yes, the keeping of secrets in the information age is totally out the window totally. Top Secret means two-weeks basically. Confidential means one-email and Super Duper Top Secret is a Myth, heck it will be in Aviation Leak and Spy Technology in the weekly online edition.

Besides in Eastern Culture they value friends and friends mean you share information and knowledge and if you do not share your knowledge with me, then obviously you are not my friend (their perspective). So the dilemma is dealing with the culture issues. Friends=Share Eastern VS. Business Partners=Friends Capital Western win/win culture. I certainly hope that this article makes you think in 2007 and helps you in your quest to be the best.

Lance Winslow - Online at If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance. He is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington.


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