Origin Of Hearing Aids - A Journey Through Inventions

By David Faulkner

Just imagine for a time when people takes help of different motion of hands to understand the conversation of particular person these things happened in the ancient times when there was no remedy available for hearing loss problem. Many people had been undergoing hearing loss due to many reasons like injury illness age factor and hereditary factor etc. In fact this was starting of history of hearing aid devices.

Events In History Of Hearing Aids

We believe that human beings are the most intelligent creatures on this earth and hence this creature has brought remarkable changes to improve the quality of life. So for the case of hearing loss many scientists had been working hard to do an invention, which is a hope for those who desire for listening voices in the past. Now we take a brief look on the steps of development of history of hearing aid devices from past to present technology. So these stages are discussed as under:

Stage I

This is the oldest stage for the development of history of hearing aid devices and hand cupped behind the ear was like first drop of water in sea. There were also other devices, which were very large in size and having bulky equipment. These devices had been just directing the direction of outer voice into the outer structure of ear and producing the voice clearly. In history of hearing aids, this step was the most primitive one.

Stage II

After ruling out of stage I devices the development in this stage was reached on new horizon of progress. In l8th century different techniques were used to strengthen the power of feeble voice lead to another step in history of hearing aids. The devices were like seashells and horns of animals etc., and human beings were likely to wear the bells in their ears to hear the voices. Amazingly many honorable people facing this problem had been not reluctant to wear such large bells like hearing devices. The developmental process of history of hearing aids was continual.

Stage III

In l9th century no big deal was done with regard to history of hearing aid devices. However, some common changes took place to assist the quality of hearing voice better. London Dome was one of such attempts, which were made in this direction. In this stage the size of hearing aid devices became small and so looking nice. At the end of the stage carbon batteries with almost twelve hours maximum life period, were on the market, a remarkable step in the history of hearing aid devices.

Latest stage

Since the 20th century has begun many everlasting reforms were made in the history of hearing aid devices and it is developing till today. In 1920s the first electric hearing aid was helping the people but the transistor invention in 1948 was like butter out of milk. With this invention the history of hearing aid devices was touching high altitude in progress. In l984 digital technology occupied the whole market trend strikingly as far as the history of hearing aid devices is concerned.

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