Patent Piracy and International Intellectual Insidious Insanity

By Lance Winslow

Spinning like a top the minds of the members of the Online Think Tank are in constant motion discussing issues from around the Globe and with more energy then the older gentlemen with the slower minds in Davos. It is amazing that the Patent Piracy and International Intellectual Insidious Insanity continues to go on to this day, as technology in many nations is stolen and products suddenly appear on slow boats from foreign shores.

Do I blame the Chinese for trying to steal our stuff? Yes and no. But I know the detriment it causes in places like Silicon Valley where the artificial microeconomics got out of hand and now this is enough to really sink the ship. I see the same thing around Washington DC, as the money flow is 2 times that of a Federal Reserve City, where the money flow is substantial for bankers, capitalists, entrepreneurs, professional parasites and those who stand in the flow making the deals.

The default answer is linear and easily predicted with humans; It is to protect what they got (human instinct) like the monkey who will not let go of the nut in the tree trunk and therefore is captured and loses his head over it. But my point is an "Expanded Pie" is the best for all concerned; WIN/WIN.

Protectionism is a tough row to hoe when the incentive for those who want is so great. I am certain there is a Chinese Proverb for that too. Unbalanced money flows left unchecked tear down nations and build others. Do I blame the US for trying to protect their high-cost innovations, R and D or lab work, Absolutely not.

Do I blame the Chinese for not instituting better patent protections for the US benefit? No, it doesn't serve them. Do I blame China for not adding the bureaucracy regulations to slow their economy down to match the mess the US has made here so we can compete? No, why should they, we proved that doesn't work. Anyway, Just thinking out loud here; and thoughts on thoughts, as it is all one and inter-related. Of course this is my personal opinion after my last online session at the Online Think Tank.

The subject came up after one gentleman mentioned the future of the "Knowledge Society" and if taken to mean "Intellectual Economy," in this case then there needs some strategic planning and reorganizing of thought there. I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion. I had fun thinking about it and perhaps this tid bit might assist you in your quest to be the best in 2007.

Lance Winslow is online at If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance. He is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington.


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