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Invention Evaluations   Invention Evaluations

Choose the Invention Evaluation Plan that fits your goals and budget.

Inventors such as yourself who are looking to protect and profit from your invention or new product idea each have your unique needs and budgets. That is why we offer several invention evaluation plans for you to choose from that are tailored to the special needs of individual inventors.

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Invention Commercialization and Profitability Program

Choose from our Basic, Advanced, or Professional Invention Combo Packages, depending on your particular needs and budget. Each combo package includes your choice of the Invention Sales Package, the Invention Licensing Package, or the Invention Marketing Package.


Invention Evaluations   Crowdfunding

Don't have money to develop your invention into a product?

Crowdfunding makes it possible for you to achieve your invention goal of selling, licensing, or manufacturing products based on your invention that you otherwise might not be able to do using equity or debt financing. And you don't give up any ownership stake in your invention.


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