Here is a comprehensive listing of resources we have compiled to help independent inventors such as yourself succeed in protecting and making money from their invention or new product idea.

Few things in life are as satisfying as translating your creative spark into reality. Stay determined, persistent above all, enthusiastic. Good luck with your invention and have fun!

1. Education

a. Advice For New Inventors
- Every product is different but there really are secrets to success. Begin with these basic steps, and you'll avoid a lot of common mistakes!

b. Patent Law For New Inventors
- Inventors learn the essentials about patenting your invention here.

c. Frequently Asked Questions From Inventors
- Invention and patent questions answered from independent inventors like you.

  1. How can I protect my invention?

  2. How can I verify the claims of companies that claim they will help inventors?

  3. How do I get my product to market?

  4. I did a patent search and did not find my exact invention. Am I ready to file a patent application?

  5. I have filed a provisional patent application. Does this mean my invention is now patent pending?

  6. I'm confused about the provisional patent application. Can I file it myself or do I need a lawyer?

  7. If I disclose my idea to a company, what will prevent them from stealing it?

  8. Should I try to license my invention exclusively to one company or to many companies?

  9. What is the best way to protect an invention that is a new use for an existing device?

  10. What is the difference between a patent attorney and a patent agent?

d. Patent Drawings
- Links to web sites having information for inventors on patent drawings.

e. Publications For Inventors
- Links to the web sites of publications and organizations for inventors.

f. Educational Web Sites For Inventors
- Descriptions and links to a varety of educational web sites for inventors.

g. Inventor Bookstore
- Publications for the education and enjoyment of inventors.

h. Inventors - Beware of Scams
- First-time inventors are often preyed upon by unscrupulous invention marketing companies. Here are some tips to keep you from being victimized.


2. News Feeds

a. Inventor News
- News sources and articles of interest to inventors.

b. Feeds for Inventors
- News feeds and blogs for inventors.


3. Research Patents

a. Search Patents
- Links to web sites where inventors can do a free patent search on their invention in the United States, Europe, Japan, Germany, Korea, China, Canada, and World Intellectual Property Organization.

b. Download U.S. patents
- Download copies of patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in .pdf Acrobat format.

c. Legal Research For Inventors
- Links to web sites for inventors to do free legal research.


4. Market Research

a. Research Sources
- Links to web sites for inventors to do research on their inventions.

b. Companies That Accept Product Submissions From Inventors
- Want to know where to submit your invention or new product idea?

c. Marketing and Licensing Inventions
- Links to web sites involved in marketing or licensing inventions.

d. Inventor Trade Shows
- A listing of national and international trade shows of interest to inventors in the United States and worldwide.


5. Government

a. Government Assistance For Inventors
- Links to government agencies that provide assistance to inventors.

b. U.S. Patent Office Information
- Main resource for inventors to learn about patenting their invention. Sometimes difficult to navigate so here are the main links you need to know.

c. Federal Courts and Agencies
- Links to the web sites of federal courts and agencies helpful to inventors.


6. Private Sector

a. Private Sector Assistance For Inventors
- Assistance for inventors from companies and non-governmental organizations.

b. International Inventor's Organizations
- Links to the web sites of inventor's organizations around the world.

c. National Inventor's Organizations
- Links to national organizations that aid inventors.

d. State Inventor's Organizations
- Links to state organizations that aid inventors.

e. Inventor Resource Directories
- Links to resource directories for inventors.


7. People

a. Inventor of the Month
- A profile of current inventors and their inventions.

b. Women Inventors
- Links to web sites of particular interest to women inventors.

c. African-American Inventors
- Links to web sites of particular interest to african-american inventors.

d. Inventing For Kids - Fun Web Sites Children Will Love
- Kid inventors - here are some fun web sites for you to learn about inventing.


8. Internet

a. Internet Information Products
- Information Products for inventors to use on the Internet.

  1. Internet Marketing Course
    - Learn the strategies a 23 year old inner city kid is using to make over $66,000 each month on the Internet... and discover how you can duplicate his success.

  2. Internet Bootcamp
    - Video clips that reveal how a regular guy turned a $25 investment into $60,000,000 using the Internet. Shows you how to start an Internet business in as little as 48 hours - and be generating profits by the following weekend.

  3. Entrepreneur Club
    - This team of Internet experts has made over $60 million on the Internet. Now, they'll help grow your business... for less cost than your daily coffee.

  4. Search Marketing
    - How to attract 15,650 visitors to your website in 30 days with #1 rankings in Google.

  5. Success Secrets
    - This new private web site, shares the Internet marketing secrets of real people, just like you and me, who are earning $100,000+ per year with their own Internet businesses.

  6. Email Marketing
    - Discover how one guy made $291,756.42 and attracted 44,901 new opt-in subscribers... in the last month alone.

  7. Ebay Secrets
    - Discover how to easily claim a huge portion of the $86,000,000 spent on eBay every day. Everything you need to know about profiting on eBay.

  8. Blogging For Dollars
    - Learn how free technology lets you jump the line and claim a #1 ranking in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN... and drive swarms of qualified traffic to your web site for free.

b. Internet Software
- Software for inventors to use on the Internet.

  1. MailLoop
    - Easily collect email addresses from an opt-in form on your website. Subscribe and unsubscribe people from your list automatically.

  2. Ebook Pro
    - A secure ebook publishing system that is easy to use. Point-and-click wizards literally make building and customizing an ebook from scratch as simple as clicking your computer's mouse.

  3. AssocTrac
    - A complete affiliate management solution that gives you absolutely everything you need to start and run your own affiliate program... and it lets you do it without all the traps that so many of the other affiliate management programs try to lure you into.

  4. Desktop Marketer
    - Uses "direct-to-desktop" technology that basically allows you to send messages directly to the desktops of your customers or subscribers without using e-mail.

c. Internet Tools
- Tools for inventors to use on the Internet.

  1. Writing Tools

    Sales Letter Creator
    - Most small business owners hate writing sales letters and building websites. That's why the Sales Letter Creator was created.

  2. Running Your Web Site

    Start a Membership Web Site
    - The Turnkey Site Solution provides you the right tools to start your own online business from home. Includes integrated Affiliate Program and memberships.

  3. HTML Tools

    Color Converter
    - Change your text colors to RGB Or HEX Color Codes.

  4. Advertising Your Website

    Ping Your Blog
    - A free service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.

9. Other

a. Fun Facts For Inventors
- Things you probably didn't know about inventions and inventing.

b. Interesting Items For Inventors
- Links to online inventor museums and other places of interest to inventors.

c. Products Created by Independent Inventors
- A listing of commonly-known inventions and the inventors thereof.

d. Tools For Inventors
- Various tools for inventors to record, document, and share their inventions.

e. Additional Resources For Inventors
- Links to web sites having various other resources of interest to inventors.

f. Trademarks For Inventors
- Information about trademarks for inventors.

g. Copyrights For Inventors
- Information about copyrights for inventor.

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