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Hi! My name is Brian Rayve and I want to personally welcome you to the Invention Patenting Group website. I established the Invention Patenting Group, while working as a patent attorney in 1999, to help independent inventors learn how to protect and profit from their inventions. I can show you the right direction and connect you with the resources you need to successfully reach the goals you have for your invention.

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Also, I invite you to check out the Invention Patenting Group products and services below to help inventors like yourself succeed.

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1. Invention Evaluations

Invention Evaluations

An Invention Evaluation is where I personally take a comprehensive look at your invention regarding the eleven most important aspects of your invention. This includes initially focusing on you by reviewing how you have documented your invention, discussing your goals for the invention, and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses as an inventor and business person.

Next, I focus on your invention by looking at whether your invention solves a real problem in the marketplace, the complexity and feasibility of your invention as a marketable product, pricing, and usability & functionality of the product.

Then I review prior and competitive products, competitive product pricing, and ease of market penetration for your product. Finally, I formulate a plan of action to achieve your goals including whether you should patent your invention, license, sell, or manufacture and sell products based on your invention.


2. Inventor Mentoring

Inventor Mentoring

The goal of the Mentoring Program is to help you achieve your personal goal(s) for your invention such as: 1) making money; 2) make people’s everyday lives better; 3) promoting scientific exploration; or 4) anything else you so desire.

We will discuss your goal(s) for your invention and formulate a strategy with milestones to realistically accomplish your invention goal(s) in a specific time frame.

The mentoring will include two 30 minute phone or video consultations each month.

You can to send me messages via Facebook Messenger with questions that you have between phone/video consultations. I will point you in the right direction so you can achieve your milestones and ultimately your invention goal(s).

3. Inventor Courses

Instructional Courses For Inventors

Over the coming months, I will start releasing twelve week video courses covering various aspects of developing, marketing, and licensing of inventions. Each course will be available during a pre-sale period at a reduced price. One video will be released each Sunday for how many modules each course has.

The courses will be available for replay on our website in the member’s area. The price of each course will depend on the subject matter and length of the particular course. The first course, Inventor Licensing Academy, is a 12 week course that will be released on Sunday February 20, 2022 (See below).

Inventor Licensing Academy

Course #1 - Inventor Licensing Academy

Want to be able to afford that new car you’ve only dreamed about? Well, no promises, but learning how to license your invention to one or more companies might be the best route to follow towards buying that car.

This 12 week video course (starting on Sunday, February 20, 2022) shows you how to determine what products could best incorporate your invention, find competing products, evaluate market acceptance of products based on your invention, how to best protect your invention from being copied, whether to license one or multiple companies, finding potential licensee companies, how to approach those companies, negotiating and closing licensing deals, and properly documenting your licensing deals.

This 12 week video course will sell for $497.00 starting Sunday, February 20, 2022 but you can purchase it during this pre-sale period for only $297.00.

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