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We’ve just launched our Affiliate Toolbar
Give it a try!
Hello Affiliate Marketers,
      Our new Affiliate Toolbar lets you keep all of the news, blogs, help, and hard-to-find links important to affiliate marketers right at your finger tips at the top of your browser, no matter what web page you’re visiting. No need to fumble around surfing the web to find the information and affiliate links you need. Saves you time and effort and gives you the correct answers you need… all for free.
      Also, you can link your Facebook account so you are alerted when you have new messages and link your Twitter account so you can see when you have new tweets. A link to our YouTube channel allows you to view our affiliate videos with one click of the mouse. You can customize your toolbar by choosing from hundreds of pre-made applications including web radio, games, and more!
      The Affiliate Toolbar is easy even for novices to install right now in a couple of minutes simply by clicking on the link below of the browser you use and following the simple instructions on the download page for your browser. Guaranteed by TRUSTe to be 100% safe and spyware free. Privacy policy
Click on Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari:
Here’s what you get:
The Best of Our Site
Get the latest affiliate marketing news, tips, alerts, and more delivered directly to your browser.
Hand-Picked Links
Check out all of our favorite places for affiliate marketers on the web.
Powerful Search
Search the web and get a wide choice of useful search engines.
Notifications to Your Desktop
Receive our most important affiliate marketing news and announcements instantly.
App Marketplace
Add your favorite apps to your browser including web radio, games, and much more.
If you have any questions, check out our Help page, where you can ask questions in your own words.
Best regards,
Brian R. Rayve
Owner, Invention Patenting Group

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