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Inventors Blog I have three inventor blogs that I suggest that you check out to help you market our products to independent inventors to help them protect and make money from their inventions.
  • Inventor News and Tips! – The latest news, tips, and how-to advice for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
  • Independent Inventor’s Blog – Articles about inventing and entrepreneurship for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
  • Independent Inventor’s Forum – Stories and how-to advice for independent inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Each blog has valuable information not found in the other blogs.

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Welcome to the New Affiliate Product Marketing Blog!

Brian R. Rayve My name is Brian R. Rayve, founder of the Invention Patenting Group and The purpose of my company and website is to educate independent inventors and other entrepreneurs on how to protect and make money from their inventions and new product ideas.
This includes products to show inventors how to protect their inventions themselves, how to sell or license their inventions, how to market their products to wholesalers and retailers, and more.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce these products to affiliate marketers of all experience levels. Beginning affiliate marketers can learn the basics of affiliate marketing here to get a good start. Seasoned affiliate marketers can build on that by sharing their experiences with with our less-experienced marketers to help them avoid the common mistakes made by beginning and intermediate affiliate marketers.

I am relatively new to being a publisher/advertiser in affiliate marketing myself and thus hope to gain alot of marketing insight myself during my research and from our experienced affiliate marketers.

Best regards,

Brian R. Rayve

P.S. You can join my affiliate program to get started making good money on our products by clicking here.

P.P.S. I will be showing you our affiliate products in subsequent posts.

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