Are You Discouraged About Your Making Money From Your Invention?

Lets face it… starting a new business is tough! I have been running since 1999 to help independent inventors protect and make money from their new product ideas… all at a reasonable cost. Sounds like a simple and workable business concept right… especially when so many invention marketing companies have been taking undue advantage of new inventors for years?

Well, a new business does not “take off” on its own simply by setting up a web site (which I learned after setting it up in late 1999). It takes a lot of knowledge and hard work! Even now, having learned how to promote my web site, it is still often discouraging.

My point is that perseverance is key. If you have a new product idea that has not proven a marketing success, re-evaluate your product. Is it really as good as you think it is? Many inventors “fall in love” with their new product idea oblivious to the reality of the situation. Ask prospective customers to use and evaluate your product. Does their feedback match your thoughts about your product? If not, specifically find out why. Ask them whether they would purchase the product if they saw it on the store shelves. What price would they be willing to pay for it given its advantages (and probably some disadvantages – most things in life are a trade-off) over competitive products.

I hope this gives you some insight… and renewed inspiration. More to come!

Best regards,

Brian R. Rayve

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